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I really like this case. Lo cost, 2 day shipping. Granted I would not fly with, but to keep my guitar safe at home this is great. Better than some cheap-o gig bag. Fits my strat with strap locks installed. Place for case candy and room for strap and extra strings.
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This was a great case purchase for my new guitar, fit my fender dreadnought perfectly. The case has a pocket in it that holds my strap, extra strings, Allen wrench, and plenty of picks. Came shipped in a big cardboard box that protected it perfectly. This is a must of your in the market for a new case!!!
The case I bought was very nice and it fit my Fender Stratocaster to a tee. I will be ordering another one real soon I recommend Glarry Music.
It took awhile to recieve however I'm happy with the product and support of all its controls on it.. Quality of built is well worth it.. Works with all my guitars.
Received my tweed hard shell case 3 days after I ordered it!! Fits my Glarry GTL like a condom!!! Total protection!! Totally pleased, DEFINITELY A REPEAT CUSTOMER!!!
Just loud enough to practice on your bedroom.
What a great practice bass amp. The price, the playbility and a great company like glarry making great instruments and accesories at incredible prices with great quality...thank you Glarry.
Beautiful little hard case. I will recommend these cases and Glarry music products to my musician friends.. Good quality and value.
Amazing case for the cost. The tolex cover really resembles tweed, and the interior is soft & plush. This case was shipped to me overnight (I live close to the warehouse). The hardware is not as sturdy as my gibson cases, but for the price this is a homerun. My telecaster first nicely, but the case is a little longer than the guitar, I may add a foam block to the end to secure it. Again, looks great and met my expectations.
Thank you Glarry for your for your super fast delivery! I already own your Glarry GP Bass Guitar which I have LOVED! At the time I bought it off Amazon! After reviews I thought I would show some love to Glarry after hearing that your support team is fantastic! So I bought your fantastic Bass Guitar Amp and posted a close review on YouTube.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T13FAleANXo&t=12s
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One of the best deals on the planet. I have 6. I have several guitars worthy of cases, and these Glarry cases are perfect. I'm sure there will be more purchases in my future. Thanks for making these affordable and of a quality that serves a vital purpose. - Robert
WELL SATISFIED !!! I will be purchasing more set of strings soon. I'm also thinking of purchasing a "GLARRY 4 STRING JASS BASS GUITAR". Hopefully it as great as the strings are, considering the price!!!
Super easy to assemble and holds my guitars perfectly! Highly recommended.
I Would've given 5 stars except for one tiny flaw. The cover for the accessories box opens when carrying the case around! It needs a latch or something to keep it closed. Velcro or some other means to keep that cover closed and its contents secure would make this guitar case absolutely perfect! I will figure out to fix this problem and other than that i'm VERY HAPPY with my purchase!
It's a great case! I've watched several YouTubers reviewing Glarry products and I decided to give it a chance on the LP copy that my son and I built. Our guitar is slightly larger than the dimensions in the picture, but it fit. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good case.
These cases fit my fender ukuleles perfect very happy for the price I paid when ordering these just make sure you measure your ukulele I believe they have three different sizes you want to order the right size shop with confidence
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Nice vintage look guitars fit in them nicely very happy with purchase
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I purchased three guitar cases and two ukulele cases they arrived promptly within a 3 to 4 day timeframe My Guitars fit in them properly I looked around and they had the best prices You're able to follow the package with the tracking number it's real easy you can shop with confidence I ordered the four tweed cases I was so satisfied with them I ordered a black one it should be here shortly
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Nice case for the money. Well worth it and fits like a glove!!!
I ordered two of these and they are everything I hoped for and more. While the add didn't even mention the mic clips (although they show it in photo) I got two per stand. WONDERFUL and TOTALLY UNEXPECTED! I needed an extra one and you saved me the hassle of having to purchase separately. I've spent lots more for stands as I have a small studio and always need stands, clips, etc.. I compared your stands quality with other-more expensive ones and yours are every bit the quality at half the price. ...
Great case! I bought this case for the soprano ukulele I was making in my Woodshop class at Palomar College. It fits my ukulele perfectly. The case is sturdy and super cute. Not to mention a great price. It came quickly and was better than expected. At least 4 or 5 people in my class ordered the same case after they saw mine.
Ordered this and through a mistake on the delivery company's part wrong item delivered, got a laptop battery instead. Glarry quickly organised a replacement. It's fits my new uke perfectly, well made and perfect size.
Decent quality bass strings at a fantastic price. Well worth the $7.95 that they charge.
This is the 2nd Glarry Ukulele case I have purchased; one concert size, one tenor size. I am mostly pleased with them, they are both sturdy and nice looking. The dimensions shown are correct IF you completely compress the foam sides. My tenor (StewMac solid wood kit) is 9 1/8" at its widest part of the body and it is a snug fit for the 26" case (i.e. 10" width). The same was true for the concert uke (StewMac mahogany top kit) in the 23" case. And if you have a tail strap button, it will fit, but ...
Love it. Very nice for the price considering getting another.

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