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Would you like to collaborate with Glarry?

Connecting with the public is an important way to promote Glarry's brand and keep it fresh. Thanks to the creators and influencers in general of all kinds of social media, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, for enjoying Glarry and working with us to promote the brand.We know that the products you promote must be the products that are recognized by the public and have more development potential. Glarry has been actively improving the quality of products, hoping to help more people with musical dreams to get their own Musical Instruments. Reasonably priced, every can afford!

How can we collaborate?

1. Product Review

This type of collaboration is very simple. You receive our products in exchange for sharing your honest experiences on your social media accounts or forums & blogs.

2. Sponsored Post

In the event that you are interested in helping us to publicize a specific campaign, we will contact you to discuss and reach an agreement on how to compensate you.

Program Highlights

Collaboration Requirements

                We receive a lot of collaboration requestions every day. For our collaboration to be beneficial for both of us, there is a requirement that you must meet:
                Your promoting channels are music-related and keep your social network up to date with content of interest to your audience.
                Then send us an email to the address below indicating what type of collaboration you would like to make. Be sure to give us all of your promote channels links, such as social media accounts, blogs and forums with all the data that you think may be important to us.
Notice!!!Please send your message to us as required, otherwise you may not receive a reply.
If everything goes well, we will be happy to work with you. See you soon!