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Being new to an instrument, I had heard you should spend a decent amount on it, otherwise, you'll end up frustrated and end up quitting. That's not the case here! The action was a little high, but was easily adjusted. The guitar sounds great, feels good (a little neck heavy), and (burlywood finish) looks great! The bass also stays in tune wonderfully. I rarely have to tune it (I may be new to bass, but not music). The only con that I can find is the amp. Don't expect anything more than a practice amp, or something to plug headphones into. At any level above a normal speaking volume, it buzzes horribly. I've opened it up and tightened things up and that helped somewhat. Fortunately, before I even bought the instrument, I considered the amp as a freebie that comes along with the bass. Overall, I am having a lot of fun and am very pleased with the instrument!
I received my guitar the other day, very fast delivery. I took it to a gig as a spare and ended up using it all night. A little buzz but typical of any single coil setup. Overall completely satisfied, thanks to the service team for the prompt service.
UNBELIEVABLE QUALITY!!! Couldn't be happier with my purchase. The guitar just need a basic setup. Frets were flawless the neck pocket is super tight.beautiful paint job. It's amazing for less than $70.00 you can get a playable guitar let alone a great guitar.I would price this guitar in or around the $400.00 range. One thing I would like to see is this model with the option of a humbucker in the bridge postion or double humbuckers. But great quality great price,Highly recommended!!!well done glarry music.
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

It needed a basic set-up out of the box as the action was sky-high, but once completed it's an excellent precision style bass. It stays in tune, the intonation is fine and the sunburst finish is very snazzy. Pickups are low output so you need a fair whack of gain on your mixer or amp before it registers, but the tone is good; mellow and jazzy but can have a nice bite with the right amp. The amp that it actually comes with, however, should only be used as a practice amp and nothing more. It's tinny and mine crackles so I'll probably just end up recycling it. There's also a few gash marks on the back of the neck but given the price I'm not bothered by them - some sandpapering will fix it up in an afternoon. Overall it's excellent. Highly recommended.
Red Glarry guitar arrived on time and not bad for a $54.00 guitar. After setting it up, played well and the pickups were adequate. It's gonna Rock when I put new pickups in it!

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