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I'd been living in regret ever since I sold my Fender Jazz Bass in an ill advised fit of guitar collection thinning. I kept seeing the Glarry guitars and basses on Ebay and went to the Glarry website but I didn't believe a Jazz Bass could be sold for under 80 dollars. Well, Glarry proved me wrong. I included the photos to show how well the bass was packed. It came totally setup. No rough fret edges. The neck is straight and the bridge is properly intonated. The pickups have an authentic Jazz Bass sound. The blender and tone controls are quiet and work very smoothly. The tuners, which some people had said were tight were smooth and the bass holds tune. I did give them a little 3 in 1 oil just to be safe. This is an actual Jazz Bass not something that just looks like one. If you've been hesitating, STOP and BUY ONE!
Excellent price, fast delivery, everything I wanted and then some!!
I've been waiting for a low-priced T-style guitar to come around for a while, and this one definitely doesn't disappoint. Obviously it needed a bit of a setup out of the box. Lowered the action at the bridge and set intonation. I'll also probably bring the nut down just a bit. But other than the setup, I'm really happy with the quality of this guitar. I ordered a trans yellow one; the wood grain looks killer! Even better than in the stock pictures. It's very lightweight. The neck is good and chunky but not at all uncomfortable. I love the satin finish. Fretwork is good; no fret ends sticking out or anything. Bridge and tuners are definitely cheap but do the job. Glad it has a three-saddle bridge. It's a top-loader. Pickups sound far better than I had anticipated; nice, strong and clear. It's got that T sound! So far the only real negative I have is that the bridge on mine is slightly askew; only really perceptible if you look up close. String spacing and intonation is just fine; just a minor gripe. All in all, I'm pretty happy with my Glarry GTL. Will definitely be ordering another one...or two. Hah.
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Electric guitar is the product of modern science and technology, with fashionable appearance and standard timbre, it has strong expressive force in modern music.

Some people choose electric guitars only pay to attention price, from the surface there is no difference, but ignore cheap electric guitars low-tensile strength, fret wire bring the change of sound quality, the impact of poor quality have efficiency and hand feeling. Electric guitars for sale on Glarrymusic, can have a variety of options. Electric guitar has a stylish outlook, stable performance and melodious sound.

Easily transportable, accurately intonated and fun to play, the It surely is worth your. Electric guitar gives you wonderful audio experience. This electric guitar throws in incredible value to quickly become a guitar that grabs your attention.