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on Jan 03, 2021

Customer service is excellent. A couple of minor issues were addressed quickly after I contacted Glarry by email (I sent a message on Dec. 31 and received a reply on Jan. 2 - not bad!). I can't give a meaningful review about the violin itself, since it was a gift for my granddaughter. She's 8 years old, and like the rest of my family, has no experience with stringed instruments. We all loved that the violin is "real" and its cost was in the same range as some toy violins. Using directions pro ...
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

on Apr 28, 2020

For a violin that was shipped via FedEx, and with everything you will need for $50, I am giving this 5-stars. When I ordered this violin, I was expecting a $50 violin, but I can see something like this costing more like $150. Sure, it's nowhere near perfect. On mine, the fingerboard isn't fully glued to the instrument, but it's staying put, and no rattling or buzzing. I can fix it, but it's fine. The bow is working fine. The rosin was all cracked up, and it's hard to open the little contai ...

on Jan 19, 2020

I bought a violin from a local music store for my first violin lesson, but the teacher told me to return it. So, I rented a violin for one month from another music store at $36 which was almost the price of my new Glarry Violin that I bought online. Since I heard horror stories about buying things online, I never bought an instrument online before, so I was very reluctant to try. However, it arrived a day earlier than expected with a complete outfit of case, bow, resin, chin rest, shoulder rest ...
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

on Dec 05, 2019

Very satisfied with this violin and I highly recommend! I bought both this model and the Solid Wood violin from Glarry Music. I recommend this one over the solid wood primarily because this one has a spruce top, which is a better tonewood for violins. It produces a slightly warmer sound to my ear. The finish on this one is gorgeous, too! Shipping was fast, the case is durable, the violin arrived in great shape and looking good, and all accessories required for play were included. For the price, ...

on Dec 05, 2019

For the money, this is a fantastic value. This is my 2nd violin purchase from Glarry...the first was the Antiqued violin for my daughter. We're both beginners with zero experience who just wanted to give it a try. After the first hour, I enjoyed playing hers so much I decided to get this one just for me. I like the Antiqued violin a little better and recommend that one first if you can afford the few extra dollars--I will go into those details on that product page. Price-wise neither of them can ...

on Oct 18, 2021

Light weight and great sound and pretty exterior.For the price, this is a very good violin.

on Oct 10, 2021

The violin arrived as described.My daughter loves it.

on Oct 05, 2021

For anyone interested in getting a violin and not sure if your kid will for sure stick with it,this is a wonderful option.

on Oct 05, 2021

Very good for beginners.It is a really nice violin!!The wood is beautiful. Good value for money.

on Oct 03, 2021

Everything came on time and they were correct with time and supplies. Very satisfied.

on Oct 02, 2021

Glarry Violin comes with all the stuff needed for a new violinist to start their journey.

on Sep 30, 2021

Ordered this for my daughter very last minute on a Sunday. Had to go with express shipping to get it asap...it was at my residence by Tuesday afternoon! Very great quality, great starter violin along with a very nice case as well...definitely recommend!!

on Sep 29, 2021

My son really liked it.It came with rosin and everything else my son needed to practice.

on Sep 28, 2021

Recommended for kids starting orchestra at school or for adults who are curious and want to start playing.

on Sep 27, 2021

Once you get your violin tuned up and the bow rosined up,you're ready to play.And i think It's a good violin for learning.

on Sep 23, 2021

Great product! You have to put the bridge in the correct space and tune it before you use it.

on Sep 13, 2021

Good sound for this price.

on Sep 10, 2021

I think this violin is great.Very pleased with the violins construction and the accessories that came with it!

on Sep 10, 2021

An almost unbelievable price,and a great sound.

on Sep 10, 2021

I am very pleased with the quality for the price we paid for this beginners violin.

Violin, which appeared in Italy in early 16th century, is the most important instrument in the string group of modern orchestras. Violin is an extremely expressive stringed instrument, the versatile violin lends its distinctive voice to every genre from classical to popular music.

Whether you are a violin lover, or getting a starter violin for a little one. Glarry violin is made of high quality material, with beautiful appearance and firm structure. Violin music equipped with all necessaries accessories and create the best sound quality. Affordable and professional violin is the best choice for many family.

Scientific evidence indicates that the violin is a kind of instrument that needs the right hand and left hand, so it can develop the thinking of the brain at the same time and has the function of cultivating quality and moulding sentiment.