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on Apr 17, 2024

Absolutely stunning. My grandson is thrilled with this saxophone. It came with a generous number of accessories for the price, and both the quality and quantity of items exceeded expectations. The sound is beautiful.

on Apr 13, 2024

Gave it as a Christmas present. He's in the school's band, and uses it in class too. Beautiful, well made, and sounds great!

on Apr 11, 2024

Great beginner Saxophone, I bought this for my son for school. It has a very nice sound. It is easy to use and has a very nice look to it.

on Apr 07, 2024

Great product,I am learning to play the Saxophone. My teacher told me I did a great job with buying this product

on Apr 05, 2024

I absolutely love this saxophone! It has a unique finger layout compared to other saxophones, but I found the ergonomics to be just fine. While perhaps not the absolute best, considering the price, quality, playability, and sound, it's top-notch and perfect for beginners. It comes with everything you need to get started, and it plays smoothly right out of the box—a real confidence booster for new players! Although I'm not a beginner, having not played for many years, I picked this up as a spa ...

on Apr 02, 2024

Great,My son LOVED his new saxophone!!! Sounds great!

on Mar 23, 2024

Loud powerful,It's great

on Mar 18, 2024

Excellent and enjoyable. The quality is impressive, and it has a nice feel to it. The packaging was well done and not too difficult to open. The neck strap is comfortable, and the swabs work wonderfully.

on Mar 09, 2024

I called around for local pricing to rent a saxophone not knowing if my 6th grader would stick with it. The prices were outrageous. It is a great saxophone for a middle schooler. It sounds great and the black with gold is sharp looking. He is having a great time with this sax and has stuck with it. Phew :). Great investment rather than paying hundreds for renting an instrument. Highly recommend. I would recommend a different sax strap with more cushion though for comfort.

on Mar 05, 2024

Old reliable!My wife bought me this sax for my 59th birthday bcs I "mentioned" in passing I always wanted to play the sax. I am so elated, so pleased she did! This sax plays wonderfully for a beginner. It achieves the notes we are capable of playing and looks sexy at the same time and yes I am bringing sexy back at 60... Thank you Honey and to the makers of this awesome instrument you may not be a Selmer but this Sax is solid!

Saxophone, one of the best music tools for learning! Playing the saxophone is not only fun, but also pricessless sence of achievement.

Typically, there are four standard size saxophones. These are the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. The soprano saxophone is the key to Bb, and then the alto saxophone is half an octave in the key of Eb. The tenor saxophone is eight Points lower than the soprano and is the key to Bb. Finally, the baritone saxophone is eight degrees lower than the midrange and is therefore the key to Eb. Among the four main saxophones, the alto saxophone was recommended by many beginners for its pitch. Beginners often find this to be the easiest of the four types because the higher and lower ranges require more demanding breathing work. Dipping your toe into the world of saxophone playing - glarrymusic.