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4.9 out of 5


on May 17, 2024

Very good instrument. It was shipped quickly and arrived faster than expected. There was a hole in the box, but the Instrument is very well protected, there was no damage. I was surprised by the quality of the instrument for the price charged. Small adjustments were needed to make the strings lower, but it was simple. Very good sound.

on Apr 28, 2024

This cello is a great value and the Glarry Service Team very responsive. I received a bow with a section of hair missing and they helped me replace it quickly. Thank you!

on Apr 24, 2024

I don't play cello, but I have few friends that play on a college string orchestra and they recommended me this one. So far is great and my wife loves it.

on Apr 20, 2024

We are not familiar with what top-line instruments are like, so keep that in mind when I review what we got: This cello is fantastic. As the picture shows, I chose the white model, which she enjoys. The cello shipped in a box with the correct upright direction clearly indicated; there was plenty of protection for the instrument, and it was shipped inside the soft case.

on Apr 19, 2024

We do not know too much about cellos, but we needed one for our daughter for her music class. We tried to rent one but it's expensive. This seemed 1/2 price from rent and we could keep it... For our beginner daughter, this worked out great.

on Apr 12, 2024

It is affordable enough that there need not be the expectation that she will one day be an expert at the instrument; something that she enjoys is enough. This may not be as good as more expensive cellos, but for someone who had nothing and no expectations, it is wonderful.

on Apr 12, 2024

This was a great purchase for my daughter the price was very reasonable!

on Apr 09, 2024

This is my first cello. The sound is great, it looks great and it is a great cello. I recemend this for your first cello. It is a must buy.