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4.9 out of 5


on Sep 26, 2023

I was pleasantly surprised by this cello. It was a great price, and while it obviously is made in China or whatnot, it has a great sound.

on Sep 18, 2023

Amazing, more beautiful than I imagined!!! The color of the photo looks a little off due to lighting issues, but trust me, it's really beautiful than the picture! Love it!!! Can't wait to take it to cello lessons on Friday.

on Jun 28, 2023

So far i can say that is an excellent Instruments to start. Instrument arrived well packaged. All stated parts included. The bridge just needed to be set in place and tune. Ready to play otherwise. Good sound, no flaws noticed, and has been well played since arriving.

on Jun 28, 2023

The cello itself is outstanding for the price!! considering that most student cellos in store are around 5,000$, this was a real deal! It is very well made, the constructing is sound, and the pegs didn't snap off! It came with everything advertised and in excellent shape.

on Jun 21, 2023

Just got it today. Gorgeous! Black is really really cool. Bridge is not set, but to be expected for shipping. Everything pictured arrived, sound post is in right place as well. Tuned it up and sounds great! It meets all my requirements for a cello.

on Jun 21, 2023

It's so beautiful! Surprised at it's performance for the price. Comes with everything you need. Sure to charm! I love it!!