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on Oct 03, 2023

Спасибо, остались довольны инструментом

on Oct 02, 2023

I got my Cello much more quickly than I anticipated it would come in it was in great shape very professionally made and had premium flat wound strings on it was easy to set up I'm totally happy!

on Sep 26, 2023

I was pleasantly surprised by this cello. It was a great price, and while it obviously is made in China or whatnot, it has a great sound.

on Sep 25, 2023

My wife is by no means a professional cellist, and only played a little in college, but she wanted to pick it up again so I got her this for our anniversary. She absolutely loves it. It came strung but without the bridge installed, but was really quite easy. A professional would surely have some complaints, but for a beginner or someone on a budget who wants an instrument to practice on, it perfectly fits the bill. It is well-made for what it is and the sound is great.

on Sep 24, 2023

The body of the cello itself is beautiful. I got the black one and I love it. There are no scratches or imperfections. It's very well assembled. I'm sure it's not the best quality wood, or shaped by any renowned instrument maker, but I feel like it's very nice for the price.

on Sep 18, 2023

Amazing, more beautiful than I imagined!!! The color of the photo looks a little off due to lighting issues, but trust me, it's really beautiful than the picture! Love it!!! Can't wait to take it to cello lessons on Friday.

on Sep 18, 2023

Purchased as a gift. My sister loves it. She could not believe it when she opened - and immediately assembled and started playing! Excellent.

on Sep 16, 2023

My 16 year old already plays all the instruments in woodwind so he decided to learn Cello. Being as this is not his main instrument, or even one of his top 5, I just wanted something for him to learn on. I was not expecting much for the price I paid, but I very impressed. I played string instruments in high school so I was able to help him out a bit with the first few lessons. He loves it! It looks great and the sound is amazing for the price I paid. Very happy with the purchase. This is ...

on Sep 15, 2023

It's an excellent instrument. All who see or play it agree. Several have even commented on it's beauty. But the song she sings is most wonderful.