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on May 03, 2024

Love it! So simple to put together and it is so comfortable!!

on Apr 19, 2024

I have purchased two basses two guitars and they came with amps,these Glarry instruments are a great value. They shipped out quickly and I am very happy.in a scale from 1 to10 I give a7 to a over all ...

on Jan 23, 2024

Fast shipping, quality products, great price.

on Jan 03, 2024

I am extremely happy with this purchase! It shipped insanely fast and was super easy to put together. The stand is also very sturdy. I've purchased stands from other companies in the past but they were not as reliable/ very hard to put together… So this was an awesome purchase.✌️

on Sep 08, 2023

Another fine quality product from Glarry! A perfect guitar stand! Thick cushioning all around to protect the instruments. Very stable. For convenience, it folds over for easy transport. I really love this guitar stand! Glarry customer service is always so friendly and helpful! Thank you, Glarry!

on Aug 25, 2023

I love my bass guitar. I am a beginner, it is exactly what I need. Thank you!

on Aug 22, 2023

Clicks right in place— easy to assemble right out of the box. It's a small stool, but it works great for this digital piano.

on Aug 21, 2023

Nice and sturdy 3 guitar rack. Good padding to protect guitars, and easy to assemble.

on Jul 21, 2023

I have bought stands for twice the money. This stand was the easiest to put together and the best. This stand is amazing, and it is the least expensive.

A music stand plays an important role of holding sheets so that Musicians can perform looking at them. It allows you to keep the sheet at a comfortable height or angle so that you can view it comfortably while performing. The kind of stand will depend on your instrument and other requirements. Make sure that it is adjustable, made of quality material and durable too.  You can choose it according to your personal choice and requirements.  

A music stand is a required accessory, especially if you play lot of classical, or are in a choir, or play in an orchestra. When selecting a music stand, look for stability, control and ensure that it extends to the required length and reading angle, and in the case of a folding stand, a stand that is light enough to carry around.