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on Jan 21, 2021

Glarry, you already know my OPINION OF ALL your products . So for the benefit of public perusal I have bought 11 products from Glarry and every since one has far exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work. 2 Teles, 1 Strat, 1 Jazz bass, 1 I Bass, 5 cases and 1 9 guitar rack.

on Sep 09, 2021

Over the years I have ordered several items from glarry and have always been satisfied with not only the product quality but the outstanding customer service. I plan on ordering more things in the future and am sure I will be happy each and every time,

on Sep 06, 2021

Great value. Easy assembly and fast shipping.

on Aug 23, 2021

This was my first purchase from Glarry, and I am quite pleased with the 2 guitar stands I received. My order shipped quickly, and now both my ESP and Yamaha basses have nice cozy new resting spots. I definitely plan to make further purchases in the future. Thanks for your amazing service.

on Aug 15, 2021

Fully functional and great value

on Aug 02, 2021

The product is outstanding The customer service is phenomenal. Had an issue with UPS and Glarry fixed it and my product arrived in a timely manner

on Jul 23, 2021

Great item. The price is perfect and this seems very sturdy. I may beef up the top part pieces that go between the guitars. Only complain really, wish they were bolts that went all the way through the pipe. Other than that I am very satisfied and the shipment came quickly.

on Jul 20, 2021

Great for my home studio, easy to store away when not in use. Came with both types of mic holders.

on Jun 28, 2021

Fast service, great price and great product.

on Jun 17, 2021

Well made guitar stand.Would recommend this product.

on Jun 11, 2021

Sturdy, nice foam padding

on Jun 06, 2021

Well build and works perfectly for a fraction of the average price. I went from this mess to this guitar organization! A full 5 stars!!

on Jun 03, 2021

Handy stand, I have it full and have now started hanging guitars up on the walls!

on May 25, 2021

Beautiful beginner guitar that has a great sound. I revived it super fast with free shipping and it already came strung! It's an amazing body piece I've already gotten complemented on.

on May 24, 2021

The Glarry 3-guitar stand is exceedingly easy to assemble. Not only that, it's well made and will hold your guitars safely. I have seen other guitar racks on eBay and Amazon that look similar, but they are NOT padded on the sides of the base, so with those other brands, your guitar could get scratched if it accidentally rubbed against those sides. The Glarry guitar stand is padded on both sides of the base, as well as on the top and COMPLETELY around the back brace from the base up and around to ...

on Apr 22, 2021

If I was still touring and play out and about, I'd buy a more robust unit, but for my studio this unit is the best hold all my acoustic guitars safely, Hey what can I say, I just love this company. Nothing But Love AJ

on Apr 20, 2021

I never thought I could buy a brand-new beginner's alto sax and a stand for $200.00 with free shipping! This sax is the same as the ones in several comparisons on Youtube. It is well worth the money!

A music stand plays an important role of holding sheets so that Musicians can perform looking at them. It allows you to keep the sheet at a comfortable height or angle so that you can view it comfortably while performing. The kind of stand will depend on your instrument and other requirements. Make sure that it is adjustable, made of quality material and durable too.  You can choose it according to your personal choice and requirements.  

A music stand is a required accessory, especially if you play lot of classical, or are in a choir, or play in an orchestra. When selecting a music stand, look for stability, control and ensure that it extends to the required length and reading angle, and in the case of a folding stand, a stand that is light enough to carry around.