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on Mar 25, 2023

i have several guitars and basses that hang from my wall, more for arts sake than playing although my son plays when he visits. another son brings my 2 grandboys ages 10 and 8 and they always want to strum them so i bought the Glarry burning flame bass and it was a big hit. thinking i could inspire a love for playing music i went ahead and bought the burning flame 6 string as well and they really like having the two. they both sound just fine and the little amps are powerful enough for the house ...

on Mar 24, 2023

Came more quickly than expected in good shape...Excellent value...I am very satisfied...

on Mar 23, 2023

You just CANNIT beat your prices plus it sound good and it was packaged correctly no damage!! The best starter or cheaper guitar to just make music with! I am a very experience guitar player and i have played a ton of guitars and the Glarry GST is i=1 of the best guitar for quailty and affordably i love the finished you have ! If i had to point out anything is that it was unplayasble out of the shipping box the string was all wrong and it was very bad out of tune ! But a little tender loving ca ...

on Mar 20, 2023

Great guitar for the money. Replaced the strings, sanded some corners, went the the normal setup and it plays like a dream. Well recommended and will probably buy again.

on Mar 18, 2023

Guitar arrived in perfect condition. I love the color and the maple neck played comfortably.

on Mar 17, 2023

Wow, I own Gibson LP's, Fender Strat, Gibson Toni Iommi SG, Firebird and many more. Have Marshall stack, 5150, Laney, plus more. I seen this AD on FB. Seen the price and needed a Guitar to stick stickers on! Well it came in when an old friend was here. Decided to unbox and plug up to the little amp that came with it. Minor, Minor tuning and only once. This setup is outrageous! Was sounding real good and then I hit the little button. Hello with the distortion + OD. I played Black Sabbath, Deep Pu ...
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

on Mar 14, 2023

Cool little Strat . Just got it today. A few setup problems that's expected. Do have ? What to use on fretboard. Oil or what , being it not varnished .

on Mar 15, 2023

I have noticed that all of your ads pictures the space between the neck and neck pickup is correct. Mine is touching the neck . Also all of the trim on my guitar is black , yet I received a tremolo handle with white trim ?

on Mar 08, 2023

My second GTL purchase. I bought it with sole purpose of making it into an instrument that didn't exist here. Using parts from a less-than-perfect 36-inch kids bass, I crafted a GTL bass. Surprisingly easy with a few mods. Should get a few fun double takes at the next jam session.

on Mar 02, 2023

My daughter loves it!! I ordered a second one today for my son. Great guitar for a greater price. Will be buying a bass next.

on Feb 28, 2023

For the price,I can hardly believe the quality of this guitar! I love the maple finger board, tuners are great, haven't put it through an amp yet, but I'm already satisfied with the purchase. Would definitely recommend this guitar. If you have no experience with setting up a new guitar I would recommend you take it to your local music store for a professional set up. (IMO ALL brand new guitars need to be set up for each player's comfort and ease of fingering) If you're thinking about this guitar ...

on Feb 25, 2023

Great for beginners and a dream for gearheads like me. I bought this for a project guitar. Sure I had to smooth the fret edges and file 2 frets a little to get rid of buzzing on the high E, no biggie. Swapped out the pickups, tuners and added shielding about $400. Now I have dream guitar that rivals some of the best sounding guitars ever. Why you ask. Because why would I buy a $2000 guitar and then spend $400 on it because it didn't come with what I wanted. Been playing for 30 years and have 37 ...
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

on Feb 25, 2023

Great evolution of the Burning Fire guitar model, the HH model features dual humbucker pickups, all black hardware and revised fretboard with the same inlays as the BF HH Bass, I would have preferred that the neck had a satin finish instead of being painted, but thar's just me and not a deal breaker. The neck is straight, the nut is cut well, and the action, while high out of the box, it wasn't horrible, and easily adjusted. The intonation was a bit off, but again easily adjusted. The gu ...

on Feb 15, 2023

On a scale of 1-10 it's a strong 8. The neck is a little chunky. I know some people prefer a neck unvarnished however I do like a varnished neck.so I will do that. It sounds great and looks awesome. I think if the binding were done in the f hole as well that would look really sharp. I'm going to pin stripe it. I had to adjust the neck some that did not take long then had to adjust the string height a little. Tuned it up and it is a great sounding guitar. Is it a Fender of course not but for this ...

on Feb 12, 2023

Extremely nice guitar for the price. I would definitely say that it is may be a bit better than my low end Ibanez which cost 3x what this one did. I will definitely be back for more items in the future.

on Feb 08, 2023

Awesome looking guitar no dings or scratches. Everything is all packed together in one box. Shipping was fast. My kid is going to love this

on Feb 07, 2023

The guitar is great and it stays in tune

on Feb 06, 2023

Guys took really long and I'm usually an impatient person.

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