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4.6 out of 5


on Apr 12, 2024

It arrived a week early in decent shape (package a little rough). Everything works as it should and looks good. For the price, very happy with the guitar. Sounds good as well. Accessories are kind of light weight, but do there job well. Definitely would do it again.

on Apr 12, 2024

Got this for my little sister who wants to learn.. It looks amazing in person and is a great size for 12-14 year olds. For the price especially, it is really great.

on Apr 09, 2024

I was pleasantly surprised with this purchase. I still can't believe what I got here. Yes, it needed a little intonation adjustment and there's more things I can do to it to improve further, but there's no rush. I'm having so much fun with it already.And It looks flawlessly beautiful. I think their QC is going up because some older reviews said they had more issues. I do also own a couple of stratocasters. One of them is a custom shop. But I had an itch for a telly and this is quenching it fine. ...

on Apr 06, 2024

I had more to note good right out of the box. I had to clean the Fretboard, polish the frets just a little. I adjusted just the height of the saddles a tad. I put new strings on it and also put roller string guides. No fret buzz, neck and action is fantastic. I'm happy already. I did plan on putting a white pearloid pickguard along with black pickups and same knobs, etc. I may find some black aftermarket humbuckers for the neck and bridge. Plus, I ordered a black hotrail for the middle. It arriv ...

on Apr 02, 2024

I'm very surprised I don't feel the need to visit a Luthier for a set up. The last two budget guitars I purchased (not Glarrys) needed that. The frets seem smooth and well rounded. Plugged in, it sounds fine, and the string action is as good as any guitar I own, (and I own more than a few). Right out of the box, I am happy and satisfied. I can recommend this brand of Glarry to people who need a quality low cost guitar. If I needed to use this guitar for a gig, I would not hesitate. I am likely ...

on Mar 27, 2024

This guitar was perfect for my daughter. After I took it for a setup it played great.

on Mar 25, 2024

Great guitar, stays in tune for a good amount of time, amazing sound and nice little starter amp.

on Mar 21, 2024

Great service and fast shipping

on Mar 16, 2024

Guitar arrived within the time frame, was easy to track, and is in great shape. Also the amp is cool. I'm probably going to replace the pickups and I can see it being a great Metal Axe!!! Thank you Glarry!!!

on Feb 16, 2024

Great buy, just as good as YouTube reviews said. Put new strings on, do a normal set up, and you have a great sounding, great playing lightweight guitar. The fret ends and intonation were fine. I love it. I may get another.

on Jan 14, 2024

I got this guitar in Sep 2021 and I have changed strings. This week I finally did a set up on it. I also Now it really ROCKS !! I have a Gibson Les Paul and this is nearly as much fun ! I also have an Epiphone SG Special and I think THIS is on the same level as that as far as Sound and Playability. I recommend this guitar to anyone that would like the option of a Humbucker And/Or a Fender sounding Single Coil. This is a GREAT guitar ! Good enough for me to order a New guitar from Glarry. A Sta ...

on Jan 11, 2024

Recieved quickly and packaged very nicely. Guitar is really amazing price for what you get. Love it. Sounds crisp and clear on my amp i have. This is such good buy for beginners and or low on funds situation and or if want to get something to modify but start out with something that works well enough to play and enjoy while building how you want. Thank you. Love it. Already changed pickguard and tuned it and playing it every day now. Thanks:).

on Jan 09, 2024

Works really well and is great for beginners.

on Jan 06, 2024

I really like the finish on the body. I'm waiting on an amp so I can test it out.

on Jan 05, 2024

This guitar is awesome. I'm a professional musician/session player. This thing has the pre cbs tone. I may steel wool the neck but otherwise terrific!

on Jan 04, 2024

Loved my product i will be buying again from yall my daughter loves it. Also ur shipping times where earlyer then excepected and i appreciate that about ur aite thanks and happy holidays to all of yall!!!!!!!!!

Electric guitar is the product of modern science and technology, with fashionable appearance and standard timbre, it has strong expressive force in modern music.

Some people choose electric guitars only pay to attention price, from the surface there is no difference, but ignore cheap electric guitars low-tensile strength, fret wire bring the change of sound quality, the impact of poor quality have efficiency and hand feeling. Electric guitars for sale on Glarrymusic, can have a variety of options. Electric guitar has a stylish outlook, stable performance and melodious sound.

Easily transportable, accurately intonated and fun to play, the It surely is worth your. Electric guitar gives you wonderful audio experience. This electric guitar throws in incredible value to quickly become a guitar that grabs your attention.