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on Sep 21, 2023

I have purchased several Glarry guitars with the idea that the product is at a price point that allows you to tweak the configuration and replace a few components to get a very acceptable instrument. With respect to the Glarry GTL model, I have been very pleased with the design and configuration. The semi-hollow area with f hole allows for a light and comfortable playing position and looks very nice. The HS pickup setup works well, but I may swap one or both of the pickups out for an upgrade, ...

on Sep 16, 2023

My 20 year old wanted to try and learn guitar for something to do during the summer. I was very impressed with the quality of her guitar and amplifier. Her teacher was blown away when I told them how little I paid for it. Very happy with my purchase!

on Sep 05, 2023

Package arrived fast, slightly damaged box,guitar was in excellent condition. Nice finish, string action good for me. Haven't tried tremolo yet, sound was decent, slight intonation and new strings it's nice. Need to put it through its paces now, I'm good

on Sep 01, 2023

I won this guitar at a Foreigner Unauthorized music gig by making the highest bid. One of the band members said, "You've got a good guitar there." I decided to make up my own mind about that. I have owned 5 guitars (4 electric and one electric acoustic) I started playing my Glarry right away. I had no idea about it's quality until then. This is by far the one I play the most. This guitar is a high quality beginners instrument. I am going to give my Gretch Bixby to a high school student. I a ...
Service Team:

Thank you for your feedback. At Glarry, we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our products. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you again in the future. Glarry

on Aug 30, 2023

Beautiful guitar! I love this guitar! It plays as well as my Fender Tele, but is much lighter, and is a joy to play! Thank you, Glarry, for a great guitar at a great price!

on Aug 29, 2023

Don't expect it to be ready to play right from the box. You could do it, but with a little help from someone with basic guitar tech knowledge you'll have a much better instrument. Not just better than when it arrived, but better than most options under $850 or so. Sure, the pickups aren't quite MiM strat, but they're not bad at all. I put in some fret sanding/polishing time, cleaned and oiled the neck, action adjustment and away we go. None of this is unusual in anything not super high end. It n ...
Service Team:

Thank you for your feedback. At Glarry, we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our products. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you again in the future.Glarry

on Aug 21, 2023

For the price ok. Has cross grain sanding scratches on back side of neck. Frets dirty and needed leveling and polishing. Needed Setup for relief, string height and nut slots filed lower. the paint and hardware looks beautiful and it stays in tune. Plays well now and sounds good.

on Aug 20, 2023

This is a great purchase. Guitar arrived in good condition & received in 2 days. Sounds good. No complaints. Amazed at what a great value it is. I would definitely recommend. I'm sticking with Glarry. Plan on purchasing the hard case too. Thank you Glarry music.

on Aug 18, 2023

Beautiful guitar. Easy set up. Definitely worth more than I paid for it.

on Aug 16, 2023

I came upon the Glarry website when looking for a beginner's guitar for my grandson. I've been teaching him for about a year. He's now wanting to play an electric guitar as well. My wife and I will be buying him a guitar for Christmas. I'm a professional musician/vocalist and guitarist and have been since the late '60s. I own several expensive, name brand guitars. When reading reviews, I was impressed with what I read and further, the appearance of the instruments certainly look more expensive ...

on Aug 12, 2023

Gst hsh After leveling the frets and lowering the nut slots, and a complete setup, the guitar plays easy now. The paint finish and crome is beautiful. Stays in tune. Red pearl pick gaurd. The neck is birch wood with rosewood fret board, c shape not tapered. Light weight and balanced.No complaints, sounds good. I ordered another one the hh tiger strips blue.

on Aug 11, 2023

Unbelievable value for this guitar! I've been seeking an HSH guitar to add to my collection and couldn't pass up the price for this Glarry GST. Shipping was prompt and the guitar looks as good in person as it does online. It did require some setup time to adjust the truss rod and bridge, which is to be expected. I also filed down the nut slots and realigned the neck in the neck pocket so it plays more to my liking. With the setup complete, it plays fantastic and it's super light, so easy on th ...

on Aug 10, 2023

I am so happy I ordered another one of these models. The frets are fantastic. After I loosened the truss rod and lowered the Action I nailed it with no fret buzz. Minor adjustment on saddle height. Playing this is a breeze. This $90 Strat copy is just as good as a $200 Squier. Thank you everyone at Glarry for coming through for me with flying colors!!

on Aug 08, 2023

Great items and fast delivery like always!!!

on Aug 07, 2023

Thank you Glarry Team for this 2day arrival of my guitar, it plays like a dream, BRAVO TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on Jul 30, 2023

Did not expect much for the price, but it s so light and plays awesome, love the pickups and the color!

on Jul 29, 2023

Really nice guitar very light very pleased with my purchase

on Jul 27, 2023

Unfortunately the burlywood was not available at the time I ordered. I purchased the blue instead and the recipient of this gift was very happy with it. The staff was very accommodating during the whole process. They were able to get the alternative guitar to me quickly so I could have it on time. Thanks Glarry

on Jul 21, 2023

I love it. For the money this guitar csnt be beat.

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