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These Glarry Bass Strings went far beyond my expectations, the tone, and quality is better than expected, I have put them on my Johnson Bass, My Aria Pro ll Bass, and my 1966 Hofner Bass, and I am very pleased with the performance, and sound.... I will continue to be a Glarry enthusiast, and, a believer in their product....... Thank you for putting out Quality, at an affordable price......... Duane Norman............ Port St. Lucie, Florida
I cannot commend glarry music enough for their excellent customer service and the quality of their guitars. I spent 30.00 and 89.00 on a guitar that sounds and plays better then a acoustic electric well known brand that I spent four times the amount on. It's an excellent alternative for beginning guitar players and for those who cannot afford a high price tag. The speaker is portable and works well. Thank you glarry for all you do. I appreciate it!
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I purchased this as the cheapest (including shipping) hard case I could find for my extremely cheap Rogue Soprano Ukulele. The ukulele fits well enough, though there is about a quarter inch of empty space around the body. It's not the best fit, but the ukulele is so light that I can't imagine it could be damaged just from the small amount of space it can move. The case itself looks a little hilarious (as all ukulele cases do, like a tiny guitar case), but seems to be of surprisingly good qual ...
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These are great cases, you just can't beat them for the price! I just got 2 of them for a few Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro's and they fit perfectly, nice padding around the inside wall of the case. There's also enough padding to give a little bit within an inch or two if needed. It fits my guitars like a glove, nice and snug but not too tight either. Very nice quality on these, pretty impressed for the price. They're not quite as beefy as a stock $100-200 Epiphone or Gibson case or someth ...
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I really like this case. Lo cost, 2 day shipping. Granted I would not fly with, but to keep my guitar safe at home this is great. Better than some cheap-o gig bag. Fits my strat with strap locks installed. Place for case candy and room for strap and extra strings.
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Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

This was a great case purchase for my new guitar, fit my fender dreadnought perfectly. The case has a pocket in it that holds my strap, extra strings, Allen wrench, and plenty of picks. Came shipped in a big cardboard box that protected it perfectly. This is a must of your in the market for a new case!!!
I bought this case for my NEW Gibson Les Paul that only came in a soft case bag. So I thought this case by Glarry would fit it perfectly and in fact it does. It also is very well made and nicely plush lined on the inside like one would expect a good Gibson made hardshell case to be to protect the guitar while not in use. I highly recommend this case to anyone that has a nice Les Paul style type guitar that they wish to keep well protected. BTW...before I purchased the case for my Gibson Les Pau ...
Affordable and high end quality, providing a good snug fit for my eko dreadnought 12-string
Great little amp to practice with. Can't beat it for the price!
Great keyboard stand. Very sturdy. Happy that it's foldable and can be stored practically anywhere.
Great deal perfect for my semi truck.now I can practice bass while over the road.sounds good.thanks Jerry
The case I bought was very nice and it fit my Fender Stratocaster to a tee. I will be ordering another one real soon I recommend Glarry Music.
Best deal on the net. Nice quality, best price and fast shipping.
Guitar and accessories arrived in great condition. Thanks
Definitely impressed with this hard case. For the price, it can't be beat. My GST fits in it perfectly. I love the generous size of the accessory compartment which has room for everything I need to use with this guitar. The offset carrying handle is a neat design because it keeps the case balanced as you're carrying it; no dipping to one side or the other. It may not be SKB quality, but it also isn't SKB priced either. All in all I'm very happy with this case and would highly recommend it.
I purchased this case for a Grote ES-335 copy. The fit is perfect. While it is not SKB quality, it still offers better protection than a typical gig bag and the quality is in line with the price. All in all, I'm very satisfied. Shipping was fast too!
There is little more annoying than getting a heat deal on a guitar only to end up paying near the same price as the guitar. I build and collect guitars, and a recent purchase did not come with a case or bag. So I began the search and found Glarry. Not only did they have a tan box case identical to the original Fender case but it was less than 1/3 the cost. To top it off I received it in less than a week. A little lighter duty than the original but still extremely well built. I will be building ...
Delivered in about a week. Excellent guitar stand. Sturdy, light weight and portable. I'll be ordering another one.
Tuned fast stays tuned thanks fast shipping
Very happy with case .I like the was it looks will be getting more very happy with Glarry products i own three Glarry guitars really like the vintage look of case the red is very nice inside guitars fits great thanks
Amp works well fast shipping would recommend for practice
I bought this case for a Fender mini P bass because there are no cases made for it. This Glarry guitar case is made for Strats, Teles and the like yet this mini P fits. It is about 2 inches narrower and shorter than the body but I corrected that with a few pieces of foam. The case is reminiscent of a '50's Fender tweed case but 1/3 to 1/5 the price found online. This case is lighter than the
It took awhile to recieve however I'm happy with the product and support of all its controls on it.. Quality of built is well worth it.. Works with all my guitars.
This is a decent amp it has just the right sound punch for practicing it's small but significant.

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