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4.8 out of 5

I purchased this as the cheapest (including shipping) hard case I could find for my extremely cheap Rogue Soprano Ukulele. The ukulele fits well enough, though there is about a quarter inch of empty space around the body. It's not the best fit, but the ukulele is so light that I can't imagine it could be damaged just from the small amount of space it can move. The case itself looks a little hilarious (as all ukulele cases do, like a tiny guitar case), but seems to be of surprisingly good qual ...
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These are great cases, you just can't beat them for the price! I just got 2 of them for a few Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro's and they fit perfectly, nice padding around the inside wall of the case. There's also enough padding to give a little bit within an inch or two if needed. It fits my guitars like a glove, nice and snug but not too tight either. Very nice quality on these, pretty impressed for the price. They're not quite as beefy as a stock $100-200 Epiphone or Gibson case or someth ...
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I really like this case. Lo cost, 2 day shipping. Granted I would not fly with, but to keep my guitar safe at home this is great. Better than some cheap-o gig bag. Fits my strat with strap locks installed. Place for case candy and room for strap and extra strings.
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This was a great case purchase for my new guitar, fit my fender dreadnought perfectly. The case has a pocket in it that holds my strap, extra strings, Allen wrench, and plenty of picks. Came shipped in a big cardboard box that protected it perfectly. This is a must of your in the market for a new case!!!
I bought this case for my NEW Gibson Les Paul that only came in a soft case bag. So I thought this case by Glarry would fit it perfectly and in fact it does. It also is very well made and nicely plush lined on the inside like one would expect a good Gibson made hardshell case to be to protect the guitar while not in use. I highly recommend this case to anyone that has a nice Les Paul style type guitar that they wish to keep well protected. BTW...before I purchased the case for my Gibson Les Pau ...
Affordable and high end quality, providing a good snug fit for my eko dreadnought 12-string
Received my tweed hard shell case 3 days after I ordered it!! Fits my Glarry GTL like a condom!!! Total protection!! Totally pleased, DEFINITELY A REPEAT CUSTOMER!!!
I was very satisfied with the service and quality of glarry
I love my beautiful mustard yellow case. My concert uke fits in a tiny bit snug, but that's what I wanted because I don't want my uke getting hurt. :) Package arrived early which was great!!!! Thank you!
Great hard shell, Sweet inside lining. Love it.
Quality guitar case at a very affordable price. Great finish outside, soft, plush inside. Solid, good looking case.
Fit a FF338 somewhat loose, I imagine other 335 types would fit better as the FF is very thin about a 1/4 to 1/2" than stock Gib es335. Case is very basic but better than a gig bag. Better buy than most others cases offered out there. BUY IT!
Awesome cases. Great fit for my Glarry guitars. I am going to buy a few more. I recommend these cases to anyone who is in search of a hard case for their guitar. Delivery and shipping was good. Prompt and delivered in great condition. Thank you for great service. Glarry has earned my trust and my continued business. I'm very happy with all my products.
Wow! What a great fit and this case is built well. Fits my Charvel Tele like a glove. And it does it at roughly 60% less. And it's "TWEED". All-be-it faux. But hey, what the heck? I'm impressed. If I need another, I'll but from y'all, for sure. Thanks for the great fitting case and fast delivery. Pete, Texas
paid extra for express shipping, they didnt ship the case for another week after the order and its been almost 3 weeks now and ive sent them multiple messages and never gotten a response or my case, so hopefully ill get a response leaving a review.
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Sorry, due to the epidemic and parade, our California warehouse logistics have been delayed. We will refund your shipping cost. In addition, we answered your email on June 5th, you need to check the spam folder.

I ordered this case in anticipation of the new guitar I was to receive. Upon receiving the guitar, I knew it wasn't for me (didn't like the quality). I proceeded to cancel the case from Glarry. They were gracious, easy to work with and helped me get my refund in the easiest way possible! Glarry is a great company to find what I need and I'll definitely order there again (in fact I already have!)
Beautiful little hard case. I will recommend these cases and Glarry music products to my musician friends.. Good quality and value.
Purchased one case - it arrived quickly, good standard and quality for a very competitive and affordable price. So pleased I ordered a further 2 cases followed shortly by another one. Great value and all quickly received, well packed - thank you
the case is very nice ,very happy with the looks should last a long time
Bought both of these cases within days of one another once I saw the good quality and less-expensive prices of them. Both fit my guitars like a glove and had plenty of room for accessories. Great hard cases for the money! I tried to order an electric one for my brother as a gift but it was out of stock by then
Amazing case for the cost. The tolex cover really resembles tweed, and the interior is soft & plush. This case was shipped to me overnight (I live close to the warehouse). The hardware is not as sturdy as my gibson cases, but for the price this is a homerun. My telecaster first nicely, but the case is a little longer than the guitar, I may add a foam block to the end to secure it. Again, looks great and met my expectations.
Nice case for the money. Fits a LP perfectly. Structure is a bit on the light side but solid. Arrived with some damage but Glarry made it right.
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Very unhappy with product I ordered. Case didn't fit electric guitar. Never got guitar stand. Electric guitar was scratched and was not in a new condition. I have sent several emails asking for a full refund and mailing labels to send this product back. I have yet to be helped in a way that satisfied me. They offered I partial refund and I keep everything. This is not satisfactory to me, why do I need a guitar case that does not fit and why did I pay for a new guitar only to have it look used. I ...
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Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We apprpment department and qualityeciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our develo control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center cs@glarrymusic.com, we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry

I'm sure each music lover knows how to protect their instruments. Your favorite guitar needs a perfect guitar case for protection.

High quality wood, leather, plush and hardware accessories material because of the size, shape, and price of guitar has a variety of choice. Do you prefer utility or style guitar case? Some guitar cases are copy the shape of guitar body itself, while others  are designed as rectangles, whcih one you choose is often up to your preference. Guitar hard case surface with great texture, giving a sense of classy touch and easily to clean,  are the best choices for most Guitar owners.

Glarry series gig bag is specially designed for ukulele, are perfect choice for beginners to their their instruments to lessons or their early performances. The ukulele gig bag has a lightweight, affordable and secure features. Come and choose a protective case for your favorite instrument.