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4.8 out of 5

Very good case and great value. I bought it to protect my Gibson 330. Does it fit exactly like a Gibson case?..no, but it fits great. More than enough protection and I didn't spend $350 for a gibson case.
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I purchased this as the cheapest (including shipping) hard case I could find for my extremely cheap Rogue Soprano Ukulele. The ukulele fits well enough, though there is about a quarter inch of empty space around the body. It's not the best fit, but the ukulele is so light that I can't imagine it could be damaged just from the small amount of space it can move. The case itself looks a little hilarious (as all ukulele cases do, like a tiny guitar case), but seems to be of surprisingly good qual ...
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These are great cases, you just can't beat them for the price! I just got 2 of them for a few Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro's and they fit perfectly, nice padding around the inside wall of the case. There's also enough padding to give a little bit within an inch or two if needed. It fits my guitars like a glove, nice and snug but not too tight either. Very nice quality on these, pretty impressed for the price. They're not quite as beefy as a stock $100-200 Epiphone or Gibson case or someth ...
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I really like this case. Lo cost, 2 day shipping. Granted I would not fly with, but to keep my guitar safe at home this is great. Better than some cheap-o gig bag. Fits my strat with strap locks installed. Place for case candy and room for strap and extra strings.
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This was a great case purchase for my new guitar, fit my fender dreadnought perfectly. The case has a pocket in it that holds my strap, extra strings, Allen wrench, and plenty of picks. Came shipped in a big cardboard box that protected it perfectly. This is a must of your in the market for a new case!!!
I bought this case for my NEW Gibson Les Paul that only came in a soft case bag. So I thought this case by Glarry would fit it perfectly and in fact it does. It also is very well made and nicely plush lined on the inside like one would expect a good Gibson made hardshell case to be to protect the guitar while not in use. I highly recommend this case to anyone that has a nice Les Paul style type guitar that they wish to keep well protected. BTW...before I purchased the case for my Gibson Les Pau ...
Affordable and high end quality, providing a good snug fit for my eko dreadnought 12-string
The Glarry concert uke case is surprisingly sturdy and well built for the low cost. Beware, the measurements are wrong. The illustration in the add shows the exterior thickness to be 4.1
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Classy gig box for my new classy Glarry bass So much case space! Ultra plush and looks like a million bucks walking into anywhere.
Squire Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster – overall a good value economy hard case, slight noodle modification required to stop guitar from moving inside case, headstock can slide and hit the top of the case without this modification (see pictures, bright green noodle modification) this is a common problem with cases, not just this case. The latches could be a little better, they are definitely economy latches, time will tell if they last, one of the three latches on the case I received might have ...
good quality to travel back in fourth with HE LOVES IT ALOT ..WILL ADD PIC WITH HIS GLARRY BASS IN IT.IN UPDATE
Good case for the money. Guitars fit well in case and felt secure
We bought this product for our Grandson, he absolutely Loves it. SO I bought another for myself.Its sturdy, handsome, good quality and even came with a lock and key. I would give it a 10, I highly recommend it.
The perfect case for my semi-hollow body guitar! Well made, very sturdy with good padding! I would have liked a neck strap like in the ST case, but that is minor. There is enough room in the storage compartment for the basics such as strap, picks, strings etc... All said, this case is excellent and should fit most semi-hollow body and full hollow body guitars, no problem. (just check the measurements first!!!)
The perfect case for my banjo! Exact fit, quality construction, definitely road worthy!!!
Excellent fit and finish! Perfectly fits my ST guitars with no problems. A nice snug fit with ample padding and a beautiful vintage look, at a price that can't be beat!!!
Excellent product for the price. It was 90% as good as another case I bought for twice as much.
I couldnt find the case I wanted for my banjo ukulele, so I purchased this Glarry mandolin case and it fits great. Item is well made for the price and shipping was on time.
Item received in good condition in spite of no through packing, I'm surprised USPS didn't step on it.. I would normally order an instrument by UPS.... So I haven't tried it out yet, just checked for damage, but noticed there are two
Nice solid case with good details and great value I would recommend it to anyone wanting a good basic case. Very well packaged
arrived early, as did the one before. Professionally packaged.
Really well made guitar case, excellent packaging on product for delivery.
I recently bought a Schecter guitar on Ebay. Brilliant guitar for the price. I tried it in a Fender Strat case and it fitted, so I scoured Ebay for a case for the new addition to the family. Luckily I spotted a Glarry case for a Strat type guitar and, seeing the bargain price bought it straight away. It arrived very quickly and is excellent. The guitar fits perfectly and the case looks like it will give good protection for years. A few days later my son came around, saw the new guitar and asked ...
An overall excellent value. Sturdy, attractive, generous protective lining. Unfortunately, I didn't first notice the lid was a bit warped and didn't overlap the main body correctly. Was going to return it, but decided to simply add a clasp. Installing it (20 minutes) confirmed the quality of overall materials and workmanship. Hence 5 stars and yes, would order again and recommend to others. Mike Lubas Rochester, NY

I'm sure each music lover knows how to protect their instruments. Your favorite guitar needs a perfect guitar case for protection.

High quality wood, leather, plush and hardware accessories material because of the size, shape, and price of guitar has a variety of choice. Do you prefer utility or style guitar case? Some guitar cases are copy the shape of guitar body itself, while others  are designed as rectangles, whcih one you choose is often up to your preference. Guitar hard case surface with great texture, giving a sense of classy touch and easily to clean,  are the best choices for most Guitar owners.

Glarry series gig bag is specially designed for ukulele, are perfect choice for beginners to their their instruments to lessons or their early performances. The ukulele gig bag has a lightweight, affordable and secure features. Come and choose a protective case for your favorite instrument.