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4.5 out of 5

These Glarry Bass Strings went far beyond my expectations, the tone, and quality is better than expected, I have put them on my Johnson Bass, My Aria Pro ll Bass, and my 1966 Hofner Bass, and I am very pleased with the performance, and sound.... I will continue to be a Glarry enthusiast, and, a believer in their product....... Thank you for putting out Quality, at an affordable price......... Duane Norman............ Port St. Lucie, Florida
I cannot commend glarry music enough for their excellent customer service and the quality of their guitars. I spent 30.00 and 89.00 on a guitar that sounds and plays better then a acoustic electric well known brand that I spent four times the amount on. It's an excellent alternative for beginning guitar players and for those who cannot afford a high price tag. The speaker is portable and works well. Thank you glarry for all you do. I appreciate it!
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

I received my Glarry left handed guitar but still did not received the extra string set that I purchased?
Service Team:

We are so sorry for delay. The string maybe shipped separately. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry

I mainly play guitar, but I keep a bass around, though I don't play it a lot. I've never owned a decent bass amp, so when I became aware of this Glarry bass amp for $40, I decided to give it a try. I did shop around before making this purchase, and it's half the price of the next cheapest comparable amp, so I'd say this is a great amp for the price. All the electronics seem to work great, and it really sounds pretty good. I've only played it at lower volumes, so I don't know if it's suited for j ...
It was what I was expecting for smaller more private sound.
For what it is it's SOLID!! Simple circuitry, good construction, GREAT PRICE!!! Arrived at my door SOONER than I expected..works as an excellent practice amp!! Good job Glarry!!
Good strings. Sound great on my Slammer restoration project.
Great deal I take on my semi truck over road.perfect good sound and quality.great price.I also bought the 20 bass amp.both perfect for my needs.thanks Jerry
I received the amp and I was happy with the look and the finish. It looked very well built! Until I plug in the guitar! Talk about a horrible humming noise coming from the amp! After reading and googling I was able to pinpoint the problem to a bad ground on the amplifier. The amp has an input jack for mp3 when I touch that input jack the noise goes away. This was a birthday gift for my son and he was really eager to play with it and now he can't because the amp is unplayable! I am starting to t ...
Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry

Couldn't let him open it yet but this guitar is so elegant and beautiful and arrived fairly quick
bought as a backup. May never need them but why not
My husband loves the strings
These are great stock strings. Do not use as a replacement
The Bass Amplifier was delivered quickly. I have a Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar Sunset, hooked it up and the sound/tone was amazing for a practice amp. No problems with the knobs. No fuzzy buzzing. (shielded guitar cavity, fix grounding in guitar) perfect! I was a guitarist before I decided to try my hand at Bass. Its better than using your guitar amp, because it has more bass, and you do not have to worry about blowing out the speaker. Good little unit. Just remember this is a practice am ...
This is a pretty good amp. It exceeded my expectations as far as the build. At 20 watts, you're not going to get a lot of bass to punch through, something I knew when I bought it. If you're like me and just need a minor amount of amplification, then this is a good amp. I don't recommend this amp for anything more than personal use, though. You need 100 watts to jam with a band, or 3-500 watts to play a gig.
Great quality and play beautiful
start here if you want cool. these strings are hot, bright and punchy like a heavy weight
Nice practice amp. It isnt the best of course but for a beginner its absolutly perfect
Glarry bass strings are one of the Internet's hidden bargains! I used to pay 3-4 times as much for a set of bass strings, before I discovered these. These sound and feel just as good for a fraction of the price.
No problems, works great. Well worth the money.
Great little amp to practice with. Can't beat it for the price!
Great deal perfect for my semi truck.now I can practice bass while over the road.sounds good.thanks Jerry