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on Apr 01, 2024

Product shipped quickly, arrived safely and as described.

on Mar 29, 2024

Even the music store we took it to for a tune up (didn't end up needing tuning at all) said it was great quality! They couldn't believe the price. Perfect for my 11yr old.

on Mar 29, 2024

The strings it comes with aren't great. Drop D'Addario Prelude strings on it and this cello sounds simply amazing. Tuning pegs hold tune, and don't slip. It's a solid cello for a student at an excellent price and it has a sound if you drop great strings on it. If you need a starter cello for a student - you cannot go wrong with this one.

on Mar 28, 2024

I got this as a gift from my boyfriend and I love it. Since I have very minimal knowledge I don't require an expensive instrument. This one feels nice and sounds good to my admittedly untrained ear. I've never tuned an instrument, so I found the tuner confusing, someone with more experience may have found it helpful. I already snapped the e string so the extra strings came in handy.

on Mar 27, 2024

We received the violin today and I was pleasantly surprised. After tuning and getting rosin on the bow, I played the violin and it sounds like, well a violin, exactly like every other violin I have played. I didn't realize this came with an extra bridge and strings, which was a nice bonus.

on Mar 27, 2024

I bought this because I use to play in my younger years. I wanted to go back in time and see if I still got it.

on Mar 26, 2024

I purchased this set for my 6 1/2 year old violin student. She came to lessons with a 1/2 size and couldn't reach the fingerboard well enough to even begin to play. Her grandma asked if I could help get a smaller violin outfit. I am quite impressed with this violin. It's good sounding and perfect for a beginner. She loves it too.

on Mar 25, 2024

It's what you'd expect - functional, but you probably won't be playing it in the Boston Symphony. You get a good bang for your buck. My wife got this because she used to play 40+ years ago when she was young, so she's essentially a beginner again.

on Mar 24, 2024

Great violin for beginner considering the really great price.

on Mar 24, 2024

My violin came today. I took it out of the case and started to play. It sounds and looks great. Wow!

on Mar 24, 2024

I bought it for myself. But if my grandchild wanted to try the violin, I would buy this for her again.

on Mar 23, 2024

After taking this to a professional, a luthier, this has turned out to be a fully functional good sounding violin for learning and playing.

on Mar 23, 2024

Could not have asked for a better product. Color was stunning. Was in tune. Beautiful violin and case.

on Mar 22, 2024

The violin is decent for a beginner player. Not to crazy on the matte finish, I would prefer it to be glossy. All around nice instrument for the price.

on Mar 21, 2024

My daughter has decided to get into playing a violin. I came across this deal and I was so excited for her. It came with everything needed and more. When she showed up to class with this beautiful violin everyone noticed, her teacher and classmates admired how beautiful it was as well as amazed by the extras that came with it. We all love this violin.

on Mar 21, 2024

The first thing I noticed is that it is very light. It's beautiful antiqued matte - this is endearing to my daughter. The violin came with a shoulder rest, a bow, and a case. The case is decent. Overall, it's worth.

on Mar 21, 2024

When we first opened the box the viola felt like it came from a lucky packet. The quality doesn't feel great, but the sound is fine. Good for beginners.

on Mar 20, 2024

Ought for my son who wants to learn violin. He loves it! It's beautiful and he's already learned several songs.

on Mar 20, 2024

Good starter violin for young kids. It's good quality for the reasonable price.

on Mar 20, 2024

THIS CELLO IS PERFECT SOLELY FOR BEGINNERS! It comes with a case (not that I expected a hard case at the price point), and the craftsmanship was very good - surprisingly so at the price point.

on Mar 19, 2024

11 yr old grandson loves it. Very easy to adjust, and sounds good.

on Mar 18, 2024

Got this for my musical son. He loves it. Just what he wanted and his music teacher says it's perfect for him to learn on

on Mar 16, 2024

This is a cheaply priced violin but seems nice especially for a beginner.

If you are a music lover, you should like and protect your instrument. Violin strings are very important, and the violin can't play wonderful music without the strings.

Good strings should have good sound quality, fast tuning, stable pitch, good playability (fingers feel safe, strings react quickly) and long life. The strings used by different instruments are different, and the material of the strings greatly affects the tone of the instrument. The tension of the string is necessary for the string. The tension level is generally divided into five levels: ultra-low, low, medium, high and ultra-high. The higher the tension, the thicker the string. The thicker the strings, the more mellow the sound.

When you are using an instrument, you first need to learn how to adjust the strings, followed by the installation of the code and the use of the bow, especially for beginners of a musical instrument.