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on Jun 18, 2024

I ordered 1/4 but i got 4/4 size. How i can return or replace?
Service Team:

Thank you for your comment.We'll check it and reply you soon. Glarry

on Jun 13, 2024

Volien came with a string that snapped on the first lesson. It was Yellow and clearly aged according to the teacher.
Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused! Thank you for your support of the Glarry brand. We have forwarded your issue to our Research and Development Department and Quality Control Department, and we will strengthen our control over product quality and continuously improve our quality. We'll contact you soon. Glarry

on May 30, 2024

As a intermediate violin player I love the Violin its perfect. It would also be a perfect beginner violin and the price is perfect since i know there's more expensive ones but this price is perfect and i love how it includes the tuner/metronome I will say the shoulder rest isn't the best but other than that i love it perfect i love it.

on May 17, 2024

Very good instrument. It was shipped quickly and arrived faster than expected. There was a hole in the box, but the Instrument is very well protected, there was no damage. I was surprised by the quality of the instrument for the price charged. Small adjustments were needed to make the strings lower, but it was simple. Very good sound.

on May 03, 2024

Delivery was fine. Everything listed was included. Having some difficulty with the bow. May need different type

on Apr 30, 2024

It's one of my favorite instruments. I have not put it down yet I play it everyday and it has good sound good quality and I'm surprised that it is very well and staying in tune. I will definitely buy more from this company.

on Apr 29, 2024

The bow needs to be rosinized for a long time before it can produce sound. The pegs will slip and require a lot of force to push in. The sound quality is pretty good though, and the surface is clean and even in color. A very good violin for beginners.

on Apr 29, 2024

Love the color and sound of this violin. Heat for beginners.

on Apr 28, 2024

This cello is a great value and the Glarry Service Team very responsive. I received a bow with a section of hair missing and they helped me replace it quickly. Thank you!

on Apr 27, 2024

Rosin unable to use. Other than that, everything is good.

on Apr 26, 2024

Sound is good! It is worth the investment to learn on.

on Apr 26, 2024

I love how it works and I like the product came with everything it said

on Apr 25, 2024

Poor quality. Didn't even produce sound when bowed. I returned it but they didn't refund me up until I gave up. I will never buy anything from them no more.Do it at your risk
Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused! Thank you for your support of the Glarry brand. We have forwarded your issue to our Research and Development Department and Quality Control Department, and we will strengthen our control over product quality and continuously improve our quality. Glarry

on Apr 25, 2024

Going to use this to play and bring music back to myself

on Apr 25, 2024

I got this as a gift for my friend's little daughter. She absolutely loves it. It is built with the consumer in mind. Great design and it plays beautifully. Love the color and sound of this product. But more than anything love how much joy this brings!

on Apr 24, 2024

I had a problem with my first violin but on notifying the seller, I was quickly contacted and a replacement was shipped.

on Apr 24, 2024

I don't play cello, but I have few friends that play on a college string orchestra and they recommended me this one. So far is great and my wife loves it.

on Apr 23, 2024

Music is my passion. I love violin and tried several times to play. I am not a master but I love it for the price I paid.

on Apr 23, 2024

It was ready to tune and play.

on Apr 23, 2024

Price was cheaper than rental viola for my daughter. Needed to be tuned when received but over all is been working great.

on Apr 22, 2024

About a month into owning the violin, it started to become unglued on one side. I sent them pictures and they immediately sent me a replacement. They were incredibly easy to work with and extremely helpful. I would have given 3 stars, but after their awesome customer service, they get 5. Thanks so much!

on Apr 22, 2024

I bought it for my daughter for school. It comes in a high quality case, and I was easily able to tune it. It had a rich, nice tone to the instrument. This was a wonderful find!

on Apr 21, 2024

Wonderful instrument, but smaller than expected.

on Apr 20, 2024

We are not familiar with what top-line instruments are like, so keep that in mind when I review what we got: This cello is fantastic. As the picture shows, I chose the white model, which she enjoys. The cello shipped in a box with the correct upright direction clearly indicated; there was plenty of protection for the instrument, and it was shipped inside the soft case.

on Apr 19, 2024

We do not know too much about cellos, but we needed one for our daughter for her music class. We tried to rent one but it's expensive. This seemed 1/2 price from rent and we could keep it... For our beginner daughter, this worked out great.

on Apr 19, 2024

Very good my son loves it the color is beautiful

on Apr 18, 2024

Nice Starter Violin. Pretty in antiqued bright.

on Apr 17, 2024

I bought this violin because I needed a back up instrument, and it's ironic how the sound of this violin is better than many violins you'd find in a music shop that cost two to three times the price of this violin, and this deal includes bow, extra strings, and tuner! I'd definitely buy this again since the price is an unbeatable bargain.

on Apr 17, 2024

I ordered this viola because it was highly recommended on music websites for beginning players who didn't want to invest a lot of money in something that may just be a fleeting pursuit. I think it's perfect for me.

If you are a music lover, you should like and protect your instrument. Violin strings are very important, and the violin can't play wonderful music without the strings.

Good strings should have good sound quality, fast tuning, stable pitch, good playability (fingers feel safe, strings react quickly) and long life. The strings used by different instruments are different, and the material of the strings greatly affects the tone of the instrument. The tension of the string is necessary for the string. The tension level is generally divided into five levels: ultra-low, low, medium, high and ultra-high. The higher the tension, the thicker the string. The thicker the strings, the more mellow the sound.

When you are using an instrument, you first need to learn how to adjust the strings, followed by the installation of the code and the use of the bow, especially for beginners of a musical instrument.