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on May 27, 2023

I bought this folding piano for my husband who's a professional pianist. He travels a lot for work and needed something that he could take with him on the road. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how high-quality this keyboard is! The sound is amazing and the keys feel just like a real piano. Plus, it's compact enough to fit in a carry-on bag. If you're a musician who needs a portable keyboard, this one won't disappoint.

on May 27, 2023

Review of keyboard.The sound quality is great it's really good for just beginning.

on May 25, 2023

Kids loved it. My kids love the gift. I do wish there were more instrumentals/ demos to choose from and a bigger variety of instrument sounds, but other than that no complaints. Mike sounded great and headphones were awesome.

on May 25, 2023

Light weight And works great. Ordered this for my sister and she loves it. Compact and affordable. You can't go wrong with this.

on May 23, 2023

As described. Not the best, but you get what you paid for. I appreciate it.

on May 22, 2023

Better quality than expected. Stool and stand very good quality as well as keyboard. Was pleasantly surprised at overall purchase. Received two bags of bolts and no microphones so a packaging error. But company claims it wants to share an affordable option and they delivered. I do recommend..

on May 21, 2023

Very fun and great for beginners. I bought it for my daughter and ended up using it as well. I love the headphones because she can still play or just have fun without it disturbing anyone. Excellent product. Arrived safe and before est ship date . I don't have any complaints. My husband is a musician and he actually picked it out.

on May 21, 2023

I bought this keyboard for my teenage son who's been taking piano lessons for a year now. It's such a great purchase because it's compact, comes with a pedal, and has weighted keys. He loves practicing with headphones on so he can focus better. It's also very portable, which is perfect for our family trips. He takes it to his teacher's house often for duets and shows off the different rhythms and tones. I'm glad I invested in a high-quality keyboard that helps him play like a pro!

on May 20, 2023

It's really slim.It has 20 songs that show where to play. Sounds great and has weighted keys.

on May 19, 2023

Great starter or small space option, semi weighted, touch sensitive and 88 keys.Got this as a piano to use in an apartment, so I can start teaching my 5yo. The sound is not that great but does the trick for sounding like a piano for starters, and the included pedal is also average. The included bag is great, though the zipper pieces are thin and I accidentally broke a piece off one. The handles are strong and it was easy to carry around. When you play further up on the keys (at the root of the k ...

on May 19, 2023

Great for the budget! 1. Very portable2. Works well as MIDI controller3. Semi-weighted touch sensitive keys are great, especially for composition, but probably not close to the authenticity of a real piano4. Battery lasts a while5. But the tunes are not good, I usually use it as a MIDI device only

on May 16, 2023

Super excellent! Excellent sound, good price.

on May 13, 2023

Good purchase. Perfect for beginners

on May 13, 2023

This is not a cheap instrument. Inexpensive, yes. But the frame is a nice, chunky extrusion of aluminum. The speakers are...good enough to hear yourself, with reasonable ambient noise. I like the physical power switch, very practical. Lots of options for connectivity. It is quite hefty(read the specs). The case is good enough to protect from dust and scratches, not so much against major impacts. Thankfully, the handle is comfortable to carry, and there is a shoulder strap.

on May 13, 2023

I recently purchased the Glarry digital piano and I am very happy with my purchase!

on May 12, 2023

As an experienced pianist, I was looking for an affordable digital piano that would match the feel of an acoustic piano. The piano exceeded all my expectations! It has a beautiful sound and the fully weighted keys feel just like the keys on a grand piano.

on May 11, 2023

Good beginner keyboard. Sound quality is pretty good. Pretty loud. The teaching mode though isn't good.

on May 10, 2023

Todo Me gustó mucho y fue un regalo para mis hijos

on May 09, 2023

I love how easy it is to transport this digital piano around. The lightweight design and included carrying case make it perfect for gigging musicians or students who need to take it to lessons.

on May 09, 2023

I was initially hesitant to purchase a digital piano instead of a traditional one, but the fully weighted hammer Glarry Keyboard gives me the same tactile feedback as playing on acoustic keys. I'm able to practice scales and arpeggios with ease, and the range of sounds available allows me to experiment with different musical styles.

on May 07, 2023

The digital piano is a great product for the price. The fully weighted keys feel just like playing on an acoustic piano. My only complaint is that the keys are a little loud when played at full volume. Otherwise, this is a fantastic product.

on May 06, 2023

Delivery was fast and the piano arrived in perfect condition. Would highly recommend this product to anyone!

on May 04, 2023

Finally, after much research, I decided to purchase the Glarry digital piano. I am extremely happy with my decision! The piano has a beautiful design and works perfectly.

on May 04, 2023

I highly recommend the digital piano to anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable instrument to learn and play on. It's a great value for the price and offers everything you need to get started on your piano journey.