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on Jul 01, 2024

I'm amazed it feels like a real piano with the weighted keys. Great sound. It's not very loud for performance but good for playing and learning at home. It was fairly easy to assemble but the directions was barely any instructions. We figured it out. It's great to have 88 keys to play classical music. It is pressed wood stand but seems sturdy. I am satisfied with this purchase and at how quickly it arrived.

on Jul 01, 2024

Really great.I've played piano for about 28 years. For the price, it's a great travel piano to learn new music on the go. The keys are pressure sensitive and, although not like a true grand piano, are much better than non-responsive keys that you'd find in many similarly priced keyboards.

on Jun 28, 2024

Great buy.Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to play a piano. Easy to set up and use. Portable and light. Sounds like a real standard size piano.

on Jun 28, 2024

This keyboard is amazing, best deal for quality and price! I've been thoroughly pleased with the ease of setting up and the sound quality of the speakers With the pedals and usb a capability it is a must have for music daws as well!

on Jun 22, 2024

My wife love it. Well made, beautiful sound. Tactile is just perfect.

on Jun 18, 2024

Great for a Newbie like me.I can hang out on my couch and practice - while having TV on. Super easy to open and fold up. The key sound is a tiny bit low on notes - but doesn't bother me since it's so convenient.

on Jun 17, 2024

Very cool instrument, sounds good. I'm a beginner, so I still have a lot to figure out, the delivery came very quickly, I expected to wait a week, but it arrived in 3 days. But there was a question about bluetooth. Is it possible to connect my headphones via bluetooth and how exactly to do it?

on Jun 11, 2024

Great for the budget. 1. Very portable 2. Works well as MIDI controller 3. Semi-weighted touch sensitive keys are great, especially for composition, but probably not close to the authenticity of a real piano 4. Battery lasts a while 5. But the tunes are not good, I usually use it as a MIDI device only

on May 27, 2024

This keyboard is simply amazing fo the price. Easy to assemble and sounds great. Fast shipping and received in perfect condition. Thanks Ray D

on May 03, 2024

So beautiful! Quality excellent. Assembly was good. Thank you!

on Apr 30, 2024

I would definitely recommend this piano. I have a small room and this fits perfect, big enough to look and feel like a piano but without encroaching on your space. it looks really sleek and appealing and it feels great to play. I'm only a beginner so for me it's perfect. Also came with lots of little extras including some headphones, a music book stand and clip, note stickers for the keys if you wish to use them, which was a nice surprise. Quick and easy to assemble. I am super happy with this p ...

on Apr 17, 2024

Loads of fun! I enjoy everything about it.

on Apr 17, 2024

Perfect for beginners! The shopping process was quick, the price was reasonable. It was easy to assemble and works perfectly.

on Apr 16, 2024

Outstanding product and excellent value for the price. This product is fantastic! Assembly was incredibly easy, and my daughters are thrilled with it. Overall, an amazing product.

on Apr 15, 2024

I got this digital piano for my daughter as an upgrade from her previous cheap keyboard. Although she's still a beginner, she's been playing on this piano for a month now and absolutely loves it.The foot pedals are functioning perfectly. Overall, it's a fantastic digital piano, made even better by its affordable price!

on Apr 15, 2024

Awesome for the price.This is honestly a really good piano for the price. I play professionally and got this when I was on a budget after moving, and I can't complain. The keys are adequately weighted with graded touch. It has a few technical quirks that you'll come to notice, but nothing that's too bothersome so far. The amount of different tones and beats are fun to play around with, something I honestly missed when I had my fancy digital piano. If this had been hundreds of dollars I'd leave a ...

on Apr 13, 2024

Awesome. I may not be a celebrity, but people spread rumors that I have a helicopter in my car. Huh!

on Apr 12, 2024

Works flawlessly. Arrived earlier than anticipated. Simple setup with all necessary tools included. Performs perfectly!

on Apr 11, 2024

Perfect for beginners! The piano has a wonderful sound. The stand and chair are compact and fit perfectly in my teenager's room. The headphones allow the player to listen without disturbing others.

on Apr 09, 2024

Wow! This piano is amazing and sounds incredibly realistic. It's both exceptionally nice and affordable!

on Apr 09, 2024

It's like my boys very much. I like it, it's good for learning music for kids

on Apr 09, 2024

My grand daughter was delighted with this.Good sound. Great goft

on Apr 07, 2024

Excellent piano. Extremely easy to assemble! The sound quality is impressive. Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my daughter as her first piano, and she absolutely adores it.

on Apr 06, 2024

Perfect for kids.My son love it

on Apr 05, 2024

My daughter is thrilled with it! This keyboard has a multitude of features, and I appreciate the keys lighting up so she can easily follow along.

on Apr 05, 2024

This is an incredible first piano/keyboard. It has all the features and is worth every cent!

on Apr 02, 2024

Fantastic gift for kids! I purchased this for my 8-year-old for Christmas, and he's still excited about it weeks later.

on Mar 30, 2024

Fantastic product! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this keyboard. My grandson absolutely loves it!

on Mar 30, 2024

It was absolutely fantastic to see my little nephew so thrilled and happy when it arrived early. Seeing his face light up was priceless and totally worth it. He already had a smaller version but has been doing so well teaching himself that we decided to upgrade to the next level. He's absolutely delighted with it, and the sound is incredible!

on Mar 30, 2024

Amazing costumers service.We had a small sounds issue. The costumer service was really responsive. Send us video to figure it out the problem and solve it. The piano is beautiful. We are really happy with this product.