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on Nov 23, 2022

MINE,MINE,MINE!I LOVE it,Nice professional looking, good action on the Keys Nice bit of work!Sound is incredible!

on Nov 22, 2022

Got it for my 8 year old granddaughter to help her enjoy creating music. She loves it!

on Nov 20, 2022

Purchase for granddaughter. She was able to learn to play keyboards on this unit. Highly recommended. 5 Stars

on Nov 19, 2022

I was skeptical of buying something like this without seeing it, but it's great quality and easy to assemble

on Nov 18, 2022

Putting this together was a simple task and took less than 5 minutes. The sound quality is good and clear. I found the headphones useful especially when the grand children have their turn. They are aged three, five and eight and loved it so much they wanted to take it home. I was also pleased that the keyboard is robust which again is a good thing when children are using it. There are lots of instruments, rhythms and demo songs. This keyboard is very good value for money.

on Nov 17, 2022

Excellent choice - two boys aged 8 and 10 love it

on Nov 15, 2022

Very nice digital piano for the price. Well packed arrived safely and works as advertised.

on Nov 15, 2022

I am very pleased with the service I received with questions about putting it together! I'm 78 and did it with the Lord's help! I have a lot to learn about it but I'm not in a hurry! I am enjoying every moment playing it so thank you!

on Nov 15, 2022

My teenager loves this keyboard he plays it all the time .

on Nov 11, 2022

Was purchased for Birthday gift. Love it

on Nov 06, 2022

Was exactly what my son wanted.

on Nov 04, 2022

Perfect for my 6.5yr old daughter piano lessons. Easy to use for her. She loves every minute she uses it. Only negative I can hear her using it at 8am on the weekends. hahahaha

on Nov 04, 2022

My daughter is taking piano this year for school and our old one didn't have a stand. I bought this because it came with the stand, chair and headset. She can practice quietly if she wants or allowing me to listen. She loves the whole setup. The whole thing isn't too heavy and easy to move around. Overall, happy with the purchase

on Nov 01, 2022

My daughter loves it. So many features and great sound. Really useful having the seat to as it encourages her to spend more time experimenting as well as practicing lessons etc

on Nov 01, 2022

good for learning how to play and make music for beginners as well as experienced users. It also makes great fun every chance you get with family.

on Oct 28, 2022

This was a gift for my grandson. He loved it and he has learned many thing. Good product!

on Oct 27, 2022

There is so much with this piano. I got label stickers for the keys which I did not take a picture of. I was going to buy that. The purple cloth with the fringe, head phones, pedal, connection cord, booklet holder, clip, and cleaning cloth all comes with the package. Makes beautiful music. I did not open it all the way because its a gift for my niece. I only tested it.

on Oct 27, 2022

Easy to assemble, and my wife was playing right a way......sounds good and has a ton of options.

on Oct 27, 2022

The unit is perfect for a starting point of learning how to play the keyboard. I love using this unit . The headphones are a little small for me , but overall great unit … I'm just starting to learn the keyboard… so great entry point unit for me … let's see if I out grow it … if I do I'll need a full size piano lol

on Oct 25, 2022

Ordered on Thursday received moments ago. Loved it. Everything listed came neatly packed in one box and it was awesome 2nd order from Glarrymusic and it's been phenomenal.

on Oct 23, 2022

My 7 year old has an interest in piano so this is perfect for him to enhance his skills at an affordable cost

on Oct 21, 2022

Kids love playing on this. Great keyboard with lots of features.

on Oct 21, 2022

Fair price, but you truly are getting on of the best, beginner pianos, and if you prefer to do piano on the side, well it's perfect, but for a full time pianist, I think you could find something a bit more professional, but all and all incredible piano, and fun to play with all the sounds

on Oct 20, 2022

My daughter is teaching herself to play the keyboard and absolutely loves this… Happy with our purchase!

on Oct 20, 2022

Got this as a gift for my daughter in law. She loves it, and is really excited to brush up her playing skills and teach the grandkids to play on it, and they seem really interested in it as well. She found the teaching modes right away even before reading the instructions and was having fun with the kids playing it. She did comment on it being a bit loud when you first switch it on (it's at about the volume a standard piano would be but not too excessive), but it is easy to turn the volume down ...

on Oct 19, 2022

I bought this for my daughters birthday, as she is learning how to play a keyboard in school. She absolutely loves this keyboard. She said that it's what they use in school and the kids fight over it as its that good that and the headphones. The teaching part was really easy to follow, I even had ago it's that easy. I would definitely recommend this item. It's well worth the money too.

on Oct 17, 2022

Seems like a good purchase so far. Headphone jack is located under the piano, not in the back.

on Oct 12, 2022

I bought this for my 8 year old daughter who loves music. She has a short attention span so I wasn't sure if she would like to sit and play the piano but she LOVES it. I hear her playing it everyday and she has learned new songs easily on it. It's great for beginners!