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4.6 out of 5


on Oct 12, 2021

I am super excited to surprise my grandson with his first bass! I never thought I could afford one for him. He will be thrilled. I ordered another really cool guitar for him, but I'm saving it for his birthday. He saw the box and knew we had just looked at that guitar a couple of nights before. They come really fast :) Now he will get the surprise for Chanukah and the other one for the birthday. With this price I could afford two guitars.

on Sep 19, 2021

Arrived in pristine condition. Finish and fit are awesome, a beautiful instrument! I wanted to explore 5-string bass and this bass feels incredible! After a setup and intonation it performs beautifully. Lovely grain and the pickups really deliver. If a maple fretboard becomes available I will purchase another!

on Aug 19, 2021

Loved my new Bass! I do have small hands and the neck is a little on the big side, plays well and very sensitive. There were some small scratches when it arrived which was kind of sad 'cause it was brand new. I did give a 5 star but a 4.7 would have been what I wanted to do, but round up you know.

on Jul 16, 2024

Great active 6 string for the price team Glarry!!!!!!!

on Jul 08, 2024

Absolutely incredible bass for the money. Ive been playing guitar for 35+ yrs and needed an inexpensive bass for home recording. It was packaged nicely and only required an intonation tweak on the low E. Finish is beautiful its way lighter than i expected (though i was using an d peavey t40) Couldnt be happier with this purchase

on Jul 03, 2024

Nice bass! Built better than I thought it would be. A little truss adjustment, and ready to go!!!

on Jul 01, 2024

Ordered this for my boyfriend since his birthday is coming up! I've played bass for awhile, and this is definitely a good starter for anyone who's interested in trying it out without spending an arm and a leg. The bundle came with everything shown in the picture, and all in all it's pretty decent quality for the price! I will say that getting a better strap and case may be a good idea, as the strap is a bit uncomfortable and the case could use some more padding to ensure safer transportation/sto ...

on Jul 01, 2024

I am rather new to the Bass and I'm still taking baby steps. I have a fretted bass, but wanted to give the fretless a try. The Glarry fretless seemed like a good dtarting point. I wanted to try fretless w/o investing a lot of money. This guitar checks all the boxes. It is a beautiful guitar, seems to be well built and solid. It sounds great and I find I really enjoy playing fretless and the sound you get by working inbetween frets. This is a super deal - the guitar is wonderful to play and with ...

on Jun 19, 2024

Relaly good beginner bass!! Its huge and beautiful, came all safe and good! Great! Especially for the price!

on Jun 18, 2024

It was a present for my son. He loved it great product for the price!

on Jun 13, 2024

Great out the box;no setup needed. The position markets are a little confusing for a novice though. Super great all around.

on Jun 08, 2024

I love it!!! Its just how a think would be and more! Tks glarry team for make this awesome bass

on Jun 01, 2024

I am very happy with the guitar. Great action. Sturdy. Heavy enough to be strong, and gallant. I couldn't have done better if I had bought a fender precision Bass.

on May 30, 2024

Had a good experience this time. Sounds great

on May 29, 2024

I'm very impressed! The GP Pro just got delivered today and it needed to be tuned tuned and it's and it's ready to play.I did lower the action to suit my style but your set up rivals name brand F & G's. I have 3 other Glarry bass's that took much longer to set up but hey have been improving over the years. I've also replaced the 250K pots with 500K and that increases the volume output.Thanks for making improvements to the setup. it will be helpful to new students. But to be honest with you, I a ...

on May 25, 2024

I had my doubts about such an inexpensive guitar, much less fretless. However, so far, this has been one of the best purchases I have made, in the music world. after more than 50 years of playing, writing, and recording, I am really loving this guitar. Lowered the strings a bit, and the intonation seemd fine, and added a few pedals to it, which is not really needed, but just wanted to have a different sound than my other basses. I'm having a ball with this guitar! I woulld certainly advize a b ...

on May 08, 2024

My order came on time and when I had a question they were prompt to answer. All the equipment arrived in great condition.

on May 01, 2024

Awesome bass. Great color. Brilliant sound. Great package deal.

on May 01, 2024

This is an awesome Bass Guitar. This is currently my favorite Bass. Great color. Brilliant sound.

on Apr 22, 2024

Best starter bass, I got one that has tonals better than Mexican fender.

on Apr 20, 2024

The first one I got unfortunately had a stripped truss rod HOWEVER the customer service helped right away and sent another which ended up perfect they really spent time Making the bass feel and play incredibly. I will definitely be purchasing another instrument from glarry 10/10

on Apr 20, 2024

I am very happy with the purchase. It works great. I'm amazed that I didn't even have to really set it up. I'm definitely going to adjust the neck a little bit. Works great! I bought it so I could play bass if a bass player did not show up at jam night. I mainly play rhythm and lead guitar

on Apr 16, 2024

Great product, great price, great customer service.

on Apr 15, 2024

I love my new bass plays well and feels good too!

on Apr 12, 2024

It really is a cool bass guitar. I've been a musician for 35 years. This bass is a great learner bass. I even hooked her up to my guitar/bass amp. It can have some buzz...I use a higher quality cord for it. Overall, the sound is rich enough to play like a pro in a smaller venue. And it looks wicked. Love it.

on Apr 12, 2024

This bass is really nice looking, the build quality is very good. The setup was pretty close & was playable right out of the box. I had to tweak the truss rod and dial in the intonation, but the adjustments were minor. Pretty good usable tones from decent pickups. Well worth I paid. Get one.

on Apr 10, 2024

I really like it, I would definitely recommend it as a good first guitar.

on Apr 07, 2024

Totally amazed at the quality/price ratio. A solid passive bass that I bought for a friend who is a working musician on an extreme budget. It's only been a couple of weeks but so far the ax is way more than I had hoped for.

on Apr 06, 2024

This was my first ever bass, it's amazing quality and sounds better than expected for the price. I highly recommend it for beginners or people looking for a cool looking backup bass. Obviously this isn't going to be a super long term bass, as there are going to be much higher quality ones, but this bass could last at least through something like highschool with absolutely no difficulty.

Learning bass guitars do make you stand out from the crowd. The lead guitar usually expresses the face and sound of the band with an exaggerated feel, but behind it is a bass guitar that brings vitality to the same band. The bass player usually calmly performs his own performance, making the entire band's energetic heartbeat continue to beat.

Playing a electric bass guitar is easy to learn, but it's hard to master, it all depends on where you want to match. Bass guitars are very easy to get started, most people can master the basics and start playing right away, but learning best bass guitars can also be very advanced, because it is an easy-to-use instrument that can be almost as infinite as possible. The right quality of the correct tuning and playing bass guitar and the richness of the rich tones are truly fascinating. Being a bass guitar player and being able to create such a sound yourself is still a much more exciting.