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4.6 out of 5


on Oct 27, 2023

The bass itself feels good for the price that's being sold. Perfect bass for a beginner although there were some weird scratches on the neck and i think someone messed up the Dots on the neck and tried to fix it but thankfully it's not noticeable from far but noticeable when you have it on you. Great product but with a minor defect.

on Oct 13, 2023

It's a very good instrument for a beginner, with just a few little points knocking off that 5th star: The body is quite light while the neck and head contribute a significan heft, which does cause some awkward handling that can get uncomfortable after a while In addition, the pick-ups are quite short which can make then difficult to rest your thumb on Otherwise, I'm very impressed with what I recieved for the pricepoint

on Sep 25, 2023

I love the bass it came in perfect condition I do not regret purchasing this basss, but one of the bad things that I noticed when I was trying to play, was anytime I connected the amp to the base the amp started sounding weird and scratchy. Whenever I tried to put the volume up, the amp would start making some weird noises. But other than that, I love everything else.

on Sep 09, 2023

I'm only giving 4 stars because I'm not sure of the sound quality. It shipped very quickly. Arrived in a carefully packed box. My daughter gets lots of compliments on the color. She took it to school to tune and play, so I've yet to hear it play. Overall happy with my purchase thus far.

on Aug 31, 2023

The guitar looks nice and the functionality is solid. However, the pick guard is a printed texture "red pearl" which isn't a big deal. The deal breaker is the mirror-backed plastic piece that covers the volume knob and the cable jack. It looks like metal in the picture (and like every other guitar on the market, cheap or expensive, it should be). This piece of plexiglass is the Achille's heel of the whole rig. You have to hold it down to keep it from flexing too much when unplugging the guitar ...

on Aug 18, 2023

Great setup for my son to learn with. He loves playing it.

on Aug 02, 2023

Really great bass for the money - had some minor quibbles, but nothing that wasn't fixable. The edge of the pickguard needed deburring all the way around, and the nut slots were a bit rough. Quite a few of the pickguard screws were angled off-center, there was a ton of sawdust and polishing compound underneath, and some of the stain on the neck came off on my hands at first. Gave the fretboard a coat of mineral oil, lubed up the tuners, and gave it a good setup (nice that it came with a neck shi ...

on Jul 23, 2023

For the price I thought this was a pretty dam good instrument......the fret board is nice..... buzzed at first but the normal raising of this bridge piece worked ....... and i'm buzz free ...the intonation was consistent but I couldn't get the screws to behave in order to bring the notes to the guide dots right where I want them... I think this is where the price comes in as the hardware was a little cheap ..so I just adjust my playing to the dot position. But in general I'm really happy with ...

on Jul 05, 2023

This is a good bass you just needs to higher the action and get some new strings. Ernyball string a very good on this bass

on Jul 04, 2023

The entire process has been excellent until it reached my hands, the product with the protections and dust care, I also had the corresponding accessories with me. I leave four stars because the cover or bass protector is too small

on Jun 26, 2023

I like that it was a good value for the money but one of the fret sounds odd on the third string and that's the only issue.

on Jun 24, 2023

I bought this bass and it has been a good starter bass for my daughter. The amp does not get very loud which for me is a good thing lol but if that's what your looking for not a good thing. It is the perfect price for all you get.

on Jun 23, 2023

Glarry is typically pretty good, this glarry bass had me question a few things with the wires taped together behind the control panel and it's a little quiet, I fidgeted with it and it's pretty nice. Not worth anything higher than 150

on Jun 16, 2023

A good chance to explore the opportunities offered by a 6-string bass.A six-string bass is an interesting tool for recording guitar/bass players. It offers the opportunity to experiment with various tuning and string configurations: worthy explorations with surprising results. I was concerned that the neck would be too wide for my hands (which are on the small side), but the instrument is very playable. Overall, I like the craftsmanship. The bridge saddles are a touch oversize and are rather ...

on May 17, 2023

Nice bass, no complaints there, would have given it 5 stars but the packaging was just awful, very thin box, ripped open at the seam to where I could actually see the bass!! It was wrapped in some foam cloth, I am very surprised it made it without getting destroyed! Again, nice instrument though

on May 07, 2023

I'm a drummer who likes to dabble with guitars...Everything I saw online started at $200+ for an introductory bass guitar but I didn't want to spend that since I will only be recording with it in my home studio. After watching several UTube videos I decided to buy my first electric bass and chose the Glarry GIB 4 string. The frets were sharp so I am taking it to my local music store to have the frets filed and the strings changes and for them to properly set it up; meaning check the truss rod ...

on May 01, 2023

Very satisfied with this purchase. Excellent intro instrument into the fretless world. Arrived in good condition and playable out of the box. Neck heavy but that was expected when paying such a low price. Proves that you can make decent guitars without charging a fortune.

on Apr 30, 2023

Bass guitar very well built. Amp has static in it, but I did not return it, as I liked the guitar so much. Bought another cheap amp, and it is now fine. Would recommend that you buy the guitar alone, and buy a better, separate amp.

on Apr 24, 2023

My only complaint is that I was not able to track my delivery. The instrument is fine! It did arrive within the 5 days promised and I am satisfied. I will order from you again.

on Apr 18, 2023

Great bass. Plays great. Needs new strings and pickups, but overall, feels good.

on Apr 13, 2023

Great value for the price.Stays in tune surprisingly well. It has dual truss rods so the neck stays wherever you put it. The pickups are cheap, however better quality than any stock squire I've used. Very light so it's easy to stand and play for long periods of time, but no neck dive. Pretty great for what it's worth.

on Apr 11, 2023

This 6-string bass came to me with smooth, buzz less, intonated frets, pretty nice tuners, a straight neck, and a beautiful finish. Definitely ordering one more to keep fretted, as my current one is a fretless conversion. Of course, at the price-point, you have to wonder what is making this bass so affordable! Glad to say it's largely just the pickups, not bad tone but the output leaves much to be desired. No problem finding replacement humbuckers for this one though, getting those soon. Strings ...

on Feb 28, 2023

For the person whose never really handled or played a guitar...it is a solid beginning. It functions properly and doesn't break the bank

on Feb 03, 2023

Purchased this after watching reviews on Youtube regarding low cost basses (my goto is a MIM Jazz Bass.) Nice product for this price - great finish, decent hardware. Great beginner/backup bass. The only knock is that the tuner for the E string stripped out one evening while it was hanging on the wall. Easy fix - about $12 for a Wilkinson. Overall a great buy.

on Jan 31, 2023

immediately upon touching control knobs fell off little super glue problem solved and with a little adjustment it plays pretty good extremely neck heavy but all in all a good student bass they should have threw in a tuner being it's a student guitar but we'll buy again

on Jan 12, 2023

It's not bad, but it's not good... but the fretboard is twice the size that a normal bass fret might be. even my 5 string bass has half the size of this fret board. That being said strings are cheep, pickups are loose (easy fix), and the nut is cheep plastic, but the thing is heavy and built like a tank! Small weak fingers might think about another option... overall for the price I would say not bad having it in my collection! 4 of 5

on Jan 10, 2023

Received my bass a few days ago, had the chance to check it out. Right off the bat I noticed the neck was a little fatter than I would like it, The fret board was comfortable to play. The hard ware such as tuning gears, handles, bridge, and nuts were of very good quality. The sound was great!! couldn't tell a whole lot of difference between my $400.00 Ibanez and the $129.00 Glarry J Bass. all functions worked. I did notice that the treble nobs are very sensitive and sound like their wide open ...

on Jan 02, 2023

I'm very pleased with my GJazzII bass. I had to do some minor adjustments like intonation on the G and lowing the action a little but nothing unexpected. I would give it 5 stars if it had better strings. These were badly unraveled/unwound across the headstock but it still plays fine for now while I wait on some new Ernie Ball strings. The neck feels great and the fretwork looks good. Paired with a Fender Mustang Micro amp this bass sounds great. I was a bit worried ordering the bass but it was ...

on Dec 28, 2022

Guitar was set to arrive 5-7 business days and actually showed up much sooner than that. Right before Christmas. My son loved it and it was beautiful. Unfortunately one of the knobs on the front of the guitar was damaged and not turning properly. He has been unable to play it and I have taken it to a local music shop that has been in business for over 30 years. He says it's probably a simple fix of just something coming loose during shipping. Let's hope so!!Other than the defect of the knob we l ...

on Dec 24, 2022

Lowered action, changed strings and adjusted intonation Nice bass!

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