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4.6 out of 5


on Oct 31, 2021

This makes Glarry #5 for me. I think they are very good for the price. They sometimes have minor imperfections and need a good set-up but you end up with a playable , decent looking guitar. Some people spend more, (sometimes MUCH more) for one guitar , than I have invested in all 5 of these. Only way a poor guy like me could have this many guitars to play with.
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

on Mar 26, 2023

I did plenty of street recording with this guitar. I need another one because it got water damage from condensation in a car. I have a GST SSS with mod pickups. I am going to get a GST HSS also.

on Mar 15, 2023

Good looking guitar, no issues with finish. Intonation needs adjustment, haven't gotten to it yet! Overall good looking guitar.

on Feb 25, 2023

Fantastic guitar. No fret buzz, looks, and feels great. The neck pickup sounds good also, but the bridge pickup on the one I got doesn't work however. I'll assume this was a fluke on the one I got because all the guitars I got from Glarry work just fine. No big deal for me as I was going to swap pickups anyways. This is something Glarry should watch out for though. I still give it a 4 for the quality and price of this guitar alone.

on Feb 24, 2023

Had to fix part where you plug into the nut came off in the box glad I didn't throw it away.

on Feb 04, 2023

Nice finish overall for price. Fret ends need to be smoothed out. Problem with open G string being buzzy. Would like Glarry to address this. Have seen another post about open G string buzz.

on Jan 25, 2023

I am less enchanted with the Tele copy than with the Strat copy which I received. There was an issue with the Tele which would have required refretting to straighten the neck in order to make the guitar playable. Glarry and I had several exchanges in order to come to an understanding but to their credit, they graciously conceded to assist me in acquiring a new neck for the existing guitar. The matter is now settled and I feel that they extended their good will to satisfy the "customer's needs ...

on Jan 25, 2023

I like the Strat copy. It required minimum set-up and is a good purchase. Also, Glarry delivered the guitar in less time than originally expected. The neck on this guitar is in good order after minor adjustment. 'Pleased with with this guitar.

on Jan 16, 2023

Bought it for a guitar to learn how to change pickups, do my own set ups etc. It is perfect for that lol. Very nice finish for a budget guitar, I am very happy with that. Everything is good except for one fret that is a bit high, which let's me learn to file down my frets and polish them up. I would NOT get this for someone who is new to guitar. Without a setup and minor fixes it doesn't play very well,(the action is too high). Absolutely great guitar for the price though, and happy with m ...

on Jan 08, 2023

Shipping took about 7-8 days, out of the box it looked amazing, but nowhere near able to play, just had a few small things to adjust. You'll definitely need different strings but as it comes it's a nice guitar that's plays well.

on Dec 27, 2022

Order arrived very quickly. It was packaged well and arrived in good condition. Guitar looks fairly well-made (especially for the price). As expected, it will need some major set-up, but overall I am very pleased.

on Dec 24, 2022

Needed frets dressed and lowered the action. Changed strings. Pickups are microphonic. Finish is BEAUTIFUL!!!

on Dec 17, 2022

Everything with it is fine, the only problem is the g string has really bad fret buzz for some reason, it's only on open note too and I haven't been able to fix it

on Dec 10, 2022

The guitar was well packaged and arrived undamaged. Amp and guitar combo. The guitar had a quality issue which I reported and Glarry customer service was fast to process a refund. 3 Stars for guitar and amp, 5 Stars for customer service.

on Dec 10, 2022

I got the blue one and for the price, it's a good value. Quality control at this price point is somewhat hit and miss, but from what I've read, Glarry is easy to work with if you do have a problem. Mine had a tone knob that was drilled crooked, so it would rub in one spot. I had one lying around that matched, so no big deal. I also decided to replace the plastic nut. A word of caution. I tried buying a standard 42mm pre-slotted nut, but the slot in the neck was cut too deep. I ended up having to ...

on Dec 04, 2022

Well for starters the guitar itself is amazing. The tone I get from the singles is like a funk guitar I've always wanted and not over dramatic on the twang like a tele. But here comes the bad parts, action needs major adjusting and even fret leveling. The nut needs a good file down and the biggest problem of them all is that the wammy does not (clip/attach) to the tail piece at all. I will fix all these problem due time and I can't complain much due to it's price but if at least only the wammy b ...

on Dec 04, 2022

This is the latest of many Glarry guitars I have purchased...this one had the best packaging. Guitar was in a styrofoam cut-out...nice touch. It is a beauty, plays and sounds great. only thing that needs attention is the poorly finished fret ends...ouch! Easy enough to fix...just cover the body AND pickups, hit with a (fine) sanding block. Other than that it is a keeper.

on Dec 02, 2022

I'll endeavor to keep this simple. Overall? 4 stars. There's only 2 things I have to dock Glarry for on this model. 1) The neck MUST be shimmed. I've looked into reviews with all three of the new models (super strat, mustang, and the SG style) This seems to be across the board with these three in particular. Glarry, you need to bring this up with your quality control department and soon! Unless the neck is shimmed, the guitar is unplayable. 2) The vibrato arm falls out and does not feel soli ...

on Nov 29, 2022

Great guitar, needs some setup work, but nothing crazy. Frets need polished, bridge screws were loose and the action is high…. However once those things are addressed I believe this will be a really solid guitar. It is lightweight and looks really good. It's my second Glarry and I'll buy another. Quick free shipping, good prices and solid guitars.

on Nov 25, 2022

For the price point it's ok. Out of the box it needed some love. The strings on mine were all kinked up, I'd recommend new strings before even setting up. The tuning pegs were very loose all around, definitely check the torque on the 10mm bolts, mine were crazy loose. After installing new strings and doing a setup the guitar plays decent. About what I expected.

on Nov 24, 2022

Originally, I have some issues with the set up of electric guita out of the box. But after I adjusted the bridge, everything seems working now. The customer service is very friendly and responsive. I highly recommend buying from Glarry again because of the true value and services...

on Nov 17, 2022

Rosewood neck was well made. Paint on body was decent. Of course,needed pickup and action adjustments but all guitars do…overall pretty solid quality and would recommend as a beginner guitar.

on Oct 20, 2022

Unblemished, on time, well packaged, excellent bones!

on Oct 20, 2022

Nice guitar that sounds decent for the money. Perfect for a beginner. Beautiful finish. Amp isn't anything to write home about but with price point in mind it is acceptable. If they like it you can always get a better amp.

on Oct 20, 2022

The package is great: guitar, amp, gig bag, picks; everything someone would need to start. Even taking classes, though, I don't know what the knobs on the guitar and amp change. I think the set is good for someone who has played for a little while, but not for a true beginner.

on Oct 16, 2022

I didn't really dislike any part of the guitar it sounds good and like I said before it's easy on the fingertips and I especially like that because I can play a whole lot longer all recommended for beginners and lifelong players

on Oct 15, 2022

For the price its a solid beginner's guitar. It is compatible with rocksmith but the sound is quiet and tinny. Change the strings out, get a new instrument cable, and if you're feeling froggy change out the pickups.

on Oct 08, 2022

Just wanted to say this guitar is awesome only thing is I can't seem to make the whammy bar work other then that it's a beautiful guitar works great it did come in a day late but it's worth it.

on Oct 04, 2022

TBH, I was sceptical. A little over a hundred bucks, how could a guitar be any good? It suffers from cheap hardware, but much more stable and playable than I was expecting. Unbelievably out of the box, this crazy thing was actually playable. How? The pickups sound ok, the strings were reasonable height. No sharp fret edges, the neck was straight, tuning keys aren't great, but they work. I wanted a guitar with humbuckers, since my other guitar is a stratocaster. It feels light and cheap, but ever ...

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