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on Mar 01, 2023

This asctioustc bass from glarry is my fourth gutiar ot is amazing well worth the money perfect sound i will be buying more gutiars from Glarry

on Feb 16, 2023

I did order two of them in two different colors one is Red, and one is Sunset. But I received both of them in the same color. I love Glarry Guitar, I bought a lot of Guitars from Glarry and they are all good. But this time I was really upset. As you can see in the picture
Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We will investigate your order’s status and reply you in 24 hours. Please pay attention to your emails.Glarry

on Feb 23, 2023

Update on Thursday, 02/23/2023. I just received the replacement RED color. Thank you so much for quicken resoled the issue wrong color of guitar in shortest time as fast as you can. I'll continue purchasing more guitar from Glarry in the future. Glarry's customer service excellent. Thank you so much Glarry!

on Dec 14, 2022

This Bass required only the slightest setup, conditioned fretboard, and gave the nut slots two or three passes each with a file. The action is good right out of the box, but I like it really fast, so I will lower it a bit when I get a lighter set of strings, probably bronze. The bass has a full, rich, acoustic sound, and the electronics work as they should and is a nice added feature. The continuing shortfall is the gig bag, a padded bag is a must. Adding $10-15 to the total price to upgrade ...

on Jun 07, 2022

Won this guitar in a contest. Came with heavy gauge strings. Ordering new extra light ones. Intonation is slightly off on a few strings, but WAY off on the lower E string. Don't know if a luthier can fix it. Pickup is microphonic so it feeds back pretty quick, but tone controls are very effective. Overall, a nice sounding guitar if it can be properly set up. Thinking about re-tuning to Hawaiian slack key. Will re-post if I do.

on Mar 25, 2022

I was very impressed with this acoustic , I play on it everyday, One of the best purchases I have ever made to be perfectly honest... I would very much love to become a glarry artist!!!!! all my guitars are glarry except for 2 but I really do enjoy the sounds they project.

on Dec 15, 2021

I waited a little bit to post this review. This is the first Glarry item I have received with any kind of finish issue. The back of the neck was overly sanded in a spot. Not that big of a deal. I was not expecting such a matte finish. It doesn't really show in the pictures, but it has kind of a dull look in person. I think I nitro finish would have been better for this model. So for my final issue, the stickers around the sound holes seem a bit cheesy. I haven't had any issues with them, they ar ...
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

on Sep 05, 2021

I purchased the Acustic Glarry 502 and showed up in good condition. The only thing was tuning geys was very stiff. They shipped new ones and refunded me 20 bucks. Cant say enough about the customer servise at Glarry. They go above and beyond on making it right. After some adjusting of the string height and new strings this is one nice playing and sounding guitar. Thinking about a electric Tele to add to the colection. Thanks Glarry for your support

on Jul 19, 2021

I got my new 502 same day I was going to change strings trying to remove the pins I removed four of them with success the last two a and E string would not come out I end up breaking two of the pins off I tried to go up through the bottom but I was afraid I was going to bust the entire case I contacted Glarry but they did not want to help me, it's a shame because I have already purchased three Glarry guitars you think they would back their customers a little bit better this will be my last purch ...
Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon.

on Jul 22, 2021

I really meant to give a five-star rating something happened and it screwed me up and would not let me edit..... Larry is a very good company very happy with their product they stand behind their product and her customer service is great I recommend them

on Jun 11, 2021

What a great little acoustic electric guitar, especially for $89.99! Plays great, sounds great! Buy one now!

on Apr 14, 2021

Came pretty fast box in perfect condition guitar

on Mar 28, 2021

Just received my glarry guitar today and it seemed like they sent me a guitar that was returned by a different customer. The headstock was chipped and the sound hole seemed to have been faced with some discoloration and while i was tuning the guitar and noticed it wouldn't tune right i discovered that the bridge pin was displaced and pushed up. May i please be sent a new fresh guitar since it seems like this guitar was a guitar that was sent back by an unsatisfied customer?
Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Glarry

on Mar 23, 2021

I have reached to customer service about a major TWIST in the neck of the recieved instrument. Included pictures and sent them to customer service to have the issue addressed. But was only advised to adjust the neck. A twist cannot be adjusted. The only fix is to replace the entire neck. Tried to hold off on this awful review. But have been met with resistance from Glarry and im not sure as to why. This is my 2nd guitar from Glarry and my GTL was a fantastic instrument. This is such a di ...
Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Glarry

on Mar 23, 2021

Glarry got back with me and went above and beyond. While the instrument was as good of quality as i would have liked, Glarry made it right. Would up the stars if I could. Thank you again, Glarry! Will be buying from this company another time.

on Feb 13, 2021

I'm very happy with the guitar I purchased. My son is turning 13 and wanted an acoustic guitar to start learning how to play and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a guitar that he might not stick with. This is a very nice guitar with good sound and a good look. I'm very pleased with the price and the quality. Thank you.

on Feb 13, 2021

My guitar was delivered undamaged and it was playable right out of the box. Just had to tighten some of the hardware but besides that it was great. I am a veteran guitar player (30+ years) and I was looking for an affordable guitar to play and write on and this guitar went above and beyond what I was expecting. Thanks Glarry this is the second guitar I've bought from you guys!

on Dec 03, 2020

I bought this guitar to fix up and customize. For the price, I think it's a great deal. But it needs far more work than the Glarry Strat-style electric I customized, especially the binding and finish. That said, it's assembled, and it sounds good, making it a better deal than the much more expensive acoustic kits I've seen.
Service Team:

We appreciate your support for Glarry. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry

on Sep 03, 2020

I absolutely love this guitar. It has very kind strings to the fingers and is an ideal tool for learning as well as performing. The included digital tuner is superb and a very handy addition to the deal. The bag might be ok as a dust cover so I got an additional gig bag for it. In terms of sound and performance, it is an absolutely beautiful and clean sounding acoustic guitar noise which measures up easily to some very far more expensive instruments. When I hear thesound of it, it sounds like ...
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

on Jul 27, 2020

I am beyond satisfied with this guitar. It may be half the price of other guitars out there, but make no mistake; this is the real deal. I even had some trouble with the shipping, and the moment Glarry got word from FedEx that something was wrong they texted me an update on the situation. Now that it has arrived, I'm playing like a real guitarist with enough left over to buy some accessories. I've ordered, now, both a ukulele and a guitar, and I've been extremely pleased with both. Would recomme ...

on Jul 12, 2020

Delighted with this purchase. I started learning guitar and ukulele during lockdown, but was struggling with an old Family heirloom acoustic guitar that was lying about the house. After doing some research, I came upon Glarry and on reading and viewing a lot of reviews, I decided at the price I had nothing to lose. Delivery was quick and excellent. Packaging was ideal. A quick tune up and I was away! Tone is excellent and the ideal beginners guitar. My son, who is a guitarist, was very im ...

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