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on Mar 01, 2023

It has a good sound. Had to adjust the neck back a little. Now it has little fret buzz. Overall for the price, I would suggest it.

on Dec 30, 2022

The guitar I received had a large ding on the front face, the finish had scratches in it, and the electromics didn't work. I contacted customer service and they sent me another guitar. The replacement also had scratches in the finish, but the electronics worked, they definitely have quality control issues. The customer Service is great, 5 stars for them, but they are limited by the product that they represent.

on Dec 01, 2022

This is a pretty good sounding acoustic bass which is something considering how bad most are. Plays well but frets need sanding at the edges BIG TIME. Not a huge deal really but not a beginner task.

on Sep 26, 2022

Great knock around, carry acoustic guitar And under $80 delivered! Nice

on Aug 11, 2022

Overall the instrument is acceptable with several manufacturing defects which do not effect ability to play. Fingerboard has a misdrilled inlay which is cosmetic in nature and adds to character. Frets are not terribly proud of the fingerboard a file greatly improves feel. Action is high but to each his own and requires lowering of saddle to bring into better feel. Tuners feel ok and do their job without much complaint. Elected not to install the adhesive backed pick scratch guard. Probably wont ...

on Aug 11, 2022

Got it on time mabe a little early. Its worth $129. Put better strings on it, you will want to do that. Had to tweak the input jack, no big deal. Decent sound. All and all, I'm satisfied. I would buy from them again

on Dec 10, 2021

I would like give Glarry 5 stars, but unfortunately the guitar came in with a defect. Glarry was great about refunding my money. They stood behind their product.

on Nov 02, 2021

This is the third guitar I have purchased from Glarry and once again, good quality at a low, low, low price!

on Jun 06, 2021

This one was great out of the box aside from some paint/finish issues but other than that it sounds great and has a nice tone

on Jan 10, 2021

Arrived very quickly. The action was great out of the box. Finish very good. The frets were very sharp but quickly sanded. Guitar sounds great and would recommend the guitar and Glarry guitars

on Dec 27, 2020

The bridge gap is a little bit too wide and the saddle cannot stay in an upright position and the frets need some work, but these issues are easily fixable. Other than that the guitar plays beautifully both acoustically and via a DI box.

on Dec 17, 2020

A great practice guitar for new musicians and experienced. The finger board was a little sloppy, but functional. The frets we're not as smooth as I like and since the high E-string was put on poorly ( had a kink) it broke when tuning it up. So before I replaced it I gently filed and polished the fret ends on the high side of the neck. Action (neck & string height was reasonable). I got the red burst which goes nicely with side and backs. I applied the pic guard...is nice either with or without. ...
Service Team:

We appreciate your support for Glarry. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry

on Nov 18, 2020

This guitar has some intonation problems, so I'll probably try adjusting things. But the tone is good - surprisingly full sound. Some of the accessories are pretty flimsy (the bag and strap). But for $79, I'm happy. There's no fret buzz, the electronics work. I've logged some hours playing it. It even looks decent - not spectacular, but attractive enough. Just plan on maybe doing some setup work or playing a lot of open position chords.

on Nov 17, 2020

I had given up playing years ago. The cheap guitars I owned as a teenager probably had a lot to do with that. I started playing again later in life - but this time with better guitars. I own cheap, middling, and more expensive guitars now. I didn't know what to expect when ordering this. I partially expected the worst. I was more than surprised after playing this for a little while. While it doesn't really stand up to my more expensive guitars, it does stand up to the middling ones. Being ...

on Nov 02, 2020

Guitar came in 4 days. It sounds great. No complaints other than a few dings and scratches.

on Oct 03, 2020

Nice acoustic for the price! New strings, and a setup made into a very playable guitar!

on Sep 02, 2020

This guitar had been out of stock for some time, and when they got more in I jumped on it. For the price and including the goodies you get along with the guitar you just can't go wrong. I chose the natural finish versus the various painted ones. The finish was a little off on the front as it looks like there was an area that didn't receive as much stain and was a little bare, but I purchased the guitar to be played and not as a work of art. After a quick tune, I put the guitar through the pa ...

on Aug 30, 2020

excellent service - arrived on time in perfect shape. I have one already, this was for my wife - it's light, comfortable. I restring it with slightly lighter strings for ease of learning. I expect to electrify with poezi pickups for connection to practice amp. I've tried a number of Chinese-built guitars (I'm a luthier) and most were lacking, poorly made or simply a castrophie. Glarrys are strong, pretty good sound, easy to handle and a brand I trust. Five stars !

Traditional acoustic guitar are incredibly around and beloved to me. We have sold a variety of acoustic guitar, developed even more of them than I could keep in mind, and engage in a minimum of one or two of them every single day. You control just how the acoustic guitar volume level and strengthen each and every instrument can have by selection of unique hardwood varieties, and different versions inside the acoustic guitar body dimension and depth. The Traditional acoustic is incredibly Well-known. Acoustic guitar has a natural timbre that is soft and graceful and achieves a variety of different effects to play a variety of different styles of music. Acoustic guitar can improve the listening ability of the practitioner and increase the concentration of attention.

How do I to choose the quality of acoustic guitar? Judging timbre from the material and workmanship of the acoustic guitar, the flexibility of each knob determines the sound quality of the acoustic guitar. Best acoustic guitar Feel the better, the string can is very low, this practice would be more than a half. Contrary to reasonably priced acoustic guitar not only feel bad, but also affect the pitch after practice, so buy acoustic guitar not limited to cheap price. the acoustic guitar is generally created using a soundboard, a resonant cavity, and a noise pack. As you may observe from the acoustic guitar, there may be rounded golf hole or hollow in the middle, which generates tunes as soon as the strings vibrate. Nonetheless, for reside performances, the audio may be estimated through microphones or pickups. It will always be located towards the bottom area in the instrument which may be put in to a mixing machine or amplifier. Other areas in the traditional acoustic instrument being observed and appreciated would be the strings, which generally amount to six in many instances.

Acoustic guitar as a person can improve the art of the practitioner, no age, education and income level, to shape a positive attitude towards life, more self-confidence to face difficulties. Acoustic guitar for females have grown to be huge business these days. Young people and preteens, the two girls and boys, have invariably been interested in music, which times they appear to truly be interested in playing acoustic guitar, and also paying attention to it.