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4.7 out of 5


on Nov 24, 2023

Looks nice but rosin is all crushed, hair now has bunch of hair broken. But it would be an excellent violin for a beginner or a parent who wants their child to experiment before committing to a more expensive instrument.

on Nov 11, 2023

Was harder than I thought it should be to tune, but still a great deal.

on Nov 09, 2023

The violin itself it's a decent cheap beginner instrument, but the bow isnt great. For the price, it's still worth it.

on Nov 08, 2023

This bridge requires self-installation. The bow needs rosin, but rosin is not very useful. After rubbing back and forth for a long time, the bow made a faint sound. So I don't know yet how good the sound is going to be because the sound the bow makes is not perfect yet. The finished product looks pretty good though.

on Nov 05, 2023

Considering the price, it is not at all bad. I initially could not like it much, the sound looked too harsh, but eventually I found it OK. The tuning stays for days. Could not like the bow still. IF you are buying it to give violin a try or just for a short period of time, it is not a bad choice.

on Oct 27, 2023

Hello, this is a gift for my grandson, he is 3 years old, but the violin I bought him is too big, could I exchange it for 1/8?

on Oct 27, 2023

Purchased as a first violin as the price was great. Has a very good sound. Had an issue with keeping tuned, after contacting customer service and pushing the tuning plug in, the situation improved. Overall good.

on Oct 10, 2023

Seriously... There needs to be a step by step instructions for set-up. This is NOT ready to play. There are many things to to before get the first note. But it's beautiful.

on Sep 05, 2023

The violin came pre-set, all i had to do was setup the bridge and tighten & tune the strings. My only complaints are that the tuner is finicky & not too accurate.

on Sep 03, 2023

Only real problem I had with it was it very difficult to tune the violin...but I have altered the peg holes to allow the pegs to hold the strings properly. Otherwise, the violin is very nice for beginners.

on Sep 01, 2023

Tunning pegs aren't set in, can be hard to tune but once you get it right, you can have fun. Everything else is fine.

on Aug 31, 2023

Good violin for the price but not looking like the picture. The description of GV403 says matte finish, but it clearly is not. Sounds decent for a beginner. Overall a great value for someone who wants to try out the violin without spending a lot of money.

on Aug 30, 2023

Great violin for a beginner tuner. Definetly recommend. Also to note...some paint on the back of the neck was missing but it hasnt affected the playability.

on Aug 28, 2023

My daughter loves her new violin. The wooden tuning pegs slip, but I think it probably just needs some rosin to hold better. Otherwise and overall, very happy with this purchase.

on Aug 23, 2023

I've never owned or played a violin before I bought this so I can learn with my daughter to keep her interested. I give it 4 stars. I think it was pretty easy to tune but I'm not entirely sure if I did it right but it sounds pretty good. You do have to tighten the bow and rub the hell out of it with the rosin before getting a sound. I've had it less than 24 hours and am adequately playing twinkle twinkle little star.

on Jul 26, 2023

Nice violin! Arrived on time and looks great.

on Jul 23, 2023

I haven't played in over 20 years and I bought this because she is beautiful lol I have found myself playing it more now than I did when I was younger. She's absolutely beautiful and everything that comes with I was able to tune her myself Which got me more excited about being able to play again.

on Jul 21, 2023

We purchased the violin for our son to use in school. A little upset that there the rosin came broken so we had to buy new rosin. Overall we like it and I think it's a good violin for beginners.

on Jul 19, 2023

My kit came with a lot of starter accessories and I was surprised by how sparkly it is! Great value. But I'm not successful at producing a good sound yet. But it's perfect for my needs and budget.

on Jul 14, 2023

I was super happy with the price and speediness of the delivery. This violin is for my 14 year old daughter who is a beginner, so I was looking for an entry-level, inexpensive violin to start. Unfortunately, the bow was warped and couldn't work at all. I contacted Glarry customer service. Again, they were super fast to respond and correct the situation. I will continue to use Glarry for our instrument needs!

on Jul 04, 2023

Great price for a starter violin. We did need to get it adadjusted. But I can't complain since it does come with a ton of accessories. We did not want to invest too much until we knew she would actually practice.

on Jun 11, 2023

Not very easy for beginners, beginners don't knows about the things you must do for a violin. You have to do a couple of things to the violin before it actually works and sounds good. Would be nice for the user manuel to have more info.

on Jun 10, 2023

The price is good. It came with all parts. The G string was a little bent for my liking and I would like to see a shine to it. Tuner works perfectly but it was hard to tune the strings due to the pegs coming lose. Overall it is still a good instrument.

on Jun 10, 2023

I got this as a gift for my little sister, it came late, but a beautiful violon and we like the material.

on Jun 09, 2023

It looks very nice, light weight but sounds so-so. because I am a beginner, teaching myself. It's a little difficult to learn.

on May 29, 2023

I think its great! It came in perfect condition, started to mess with it, getting to know the instrument was fun. It's a great violin in good conditions. Not disappointed at all!

on May 28, 2023

The A string needed to be rewound because wasn't well done and kept undoing what adjustments I made. Also adjusted the tuning peg for a better fit. Overall not bad for the price and comes with decent items.

on May 04, 2023

My daughter likes it, her only complaint was she didn't like the bow and it was hard to tune the 1st time, but I didn't get any other feedback

on Apr 28, 2023

Great violin for the price, all inclusive set for the little ones 1st violin. The only downside is the stings don't seems to hold in place, they juts need to be adjusted each time.

on Apr 28, 2023

Surprisingly a very beautiful violin for the price. However the it comes with a broken rosin. For a beginner that was stressful. But besides that nice first time violin.

Violin, which appeared in Italy in early 16th century, is the most important instrument in the string group of modern orchestras. Violin is an extremely expressive stringed instrument, the versatile violin lends its distinctive voice to every genre from classical to popular music.

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Scientific evidence indicates that the violin is a kind of instrument that needs the right hand and left hand, so it can develop the thinking of the brain at the same time and has the function of cultivating quality and moulding sentiment.