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on Nov 23, 2023

Dont waste your money and time buying this Digital Piano after practicing with it for 3 months the a lot of the keys stopped working, the sound is pretty bad and when you ask the company for a replacement or to fix the problem they cant do nothing about it. Im very sad that now that i have to save money for another digital piano and also had to stop my practice routine :/
Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused! Thank you for your support of the Glarry brand. We have forwarded your issue to our Research and Development Department and Quality Control Department, and we will strengthen our control over product quality and continuously improve our quality. We'll contact you soon.

on Nov 26, 2023

i got the refund of the product

on Apr 09, 2023

I was looking for a keyboard with light-up keys and a good sound bank, but after placing my order, I realized that this product was not the best for those features. I tried to cancel my order, but it had already shipped. Overall, not a great experience.

on Apr 03, 2023

Not recommended. I did not like the very poor directions for both the keyboard and the stand. As you can see in the photo there is mention of leveling glue which did not exist. For the keyboard directions there is no mention of how the stickers can help the pianist learn to play. No music book included that would use the stickers on the keys. I would not recommend this item to anyone.

on Feb 06, 2023

Think twice before buying this product.Wow highly disappointed. The tones are Midi generic sounds. It took 5min out of the box to see that i had been ripped off. Who cares about the 88keys if those 88keys sound like crap. Not a keyboard for any level. Shame on the makers for making such a unsuperior product. Not to mention the money I lost in shipping and handling.

on Jan 28, 2023

Poor quality.Upon arrival about 7 keys didn't work, after an hour or two of my daughter using it the keys starting working. This issue has persisted since I purchased this and currently the keys haven't recovered since the last time they stopped working. Considering the price I would think this would last much longer and especially not have issues upon arrival. The keys still light up when you initially turn the instrument on but that's it, the keys just don't work and it's only about 8 keys in ...

on Jan 19, 2023

Not too happy. I didn't get the mic only headphones instructions is very poor! I don't even know how to put the little table together no instructions at all.Keyboard same thing no instructions at all with all different timbres and rhythms!I need the mic and more instructions:(

on Dec 15, 2022

I have not received my piano. I would appreciate your following through. Thank you
Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We will investigate your order’s status and reply you in 24 hours. Please pay attention to your emails.Glarry

on Dec 29, 2022

Customer service resolved my delivery issues in just a few days after my complaint and I love that they responded immediately.