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Electric Violins Reviews

4.7 out of 5


on Jan 28, 2024

So the rosin came with shattered into a million pieces upon scratching it up a bit so i need to get new rosin BUT other than that its a lovely violin - im looking forward to learning how to play

on Jan 26, 2024

Bought this for my wife for our wedding anniversary. So far so good, she's happy with it.

on Jan 20, 2024

The sound and make seems great for a cheap violin!

on Jan 19, 2024

Bought full size for myself. It's beautiful and sounds very nice.

on Jan 14, 2024

I got this for my wife and we couldn't be happier. For a beginner this lets you see how you may like playing a violin.

on Jan 06, 2024

For the money, it's incredible, well made and decent sound. More than we were expecting.

on Dec 31, 2023

The sound quality isn't bad and it's been holding up quite well. This was a great one to start with.

on Dec 28, 2023

Recorded my package almost 2 months ago, give it take. The items I was so destroyed we were surprised it even made it there. Violin was immediately wrapped for Christmas- where it waited for its new owner. Grandson opened it than realized one half was crushed and damaged. It shipped to Wyoming. I'm located in California; grandson asked me if he could change the color from black to white. I said I don't see why not, I'll ask but they may want it sent back. I've been trying to talk to somebody fo ...
Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience and have escalated your issue to our R&D and QC departments. We're committed to improving our product quality and processes. We'll contact you soon.

on Dec 28, 2023

Set up was a little complicated. The tuning pegs needed to be worked into the other whole so it would grab and lot let the string pull it back. A little more instructions as to how to set it up and how to prep the bow woulf have been nice but we found it all in YouTube. Overall for the price, I am very pleased.

on Dec 18, 2023

Like the Violin, it's very nicely packed and everything was good. Sounds well. Only thing that think need improvement is quality of Rosin which can be ignored keeping in view the Violin at great price.

on Dec 16, 2023

My 8th grade orchestra student loves it!

on Dec 07, 2023

At first I thought it was broken but then realized I simply didn't understand how it worked. Now that I understand it better it's an awesome instrument.

on Nov 28, 2023

Glarry "GV102 4/4 Acoustic EQ Electric Solid Wood Violin Matte" Photo: Copyright © 2023 Erika Autumn

on Nov 26, 2023

I brought it for my 11 years old daughter to start learning violin for the first time. I can play piano but I have no experience in violin. With help of youtube, I made it work perfectly fine and stayed tuned. The digital tuner is very helpful for me. You can easily find youtube that shows you what to do. Sound is also good to me.

on Nov 15, 2023

Beautiful piece for beginners. It's a great sound for the price point.

on Nov 06, 2023

Perfect for beginners! My daughter loves it. I think this is worth the money! No problems at all.

on Nov 05, 2023

The violin came with a bridges and an extra set of strings. I install the bridge myself. The sound is very nice. I'm impressed.

on Oct 23, 2023

No problem with the quality for the price.

on Oct 14, 2023

I just helped my daughter set up this new Violin. With help from youtube, I had it sounding amazing in just minutes, and I know nothing about the violin.

on Oct 11, 2023

Very good quality for the price you pay bought it for my sister for a birthday present I'd say this would be a great violin for a beginner to learn on.

on Sep 27, 2023

My 13 years boy enjoy his violin. Better than I expected.

on Sep 14, 2023

I bought this violin for my daughter. she is starting her music journey learning violin from school, i had to buy this. she is super happy with this violin, perfect size for her. came with lot stuff, every single item was perfect and in order. perfect for price.

on Sep 09, 2023

I have been looking for a violin with EQ and this one suits me perfectly. Perfect for playing in my school band. It's great and the price is great.

on Sep 01, 2023

Great set for the money. However, it does have a hard time tuning and doesn't stay in tune very quickly. I later found that I needed to push the tuning pegs harder to maintain tuning. Hope it can be improved.

on Aug 18, 2023

I am a former player that wanted to return to playing. This violin is a great practice instrument, and the accesories in the kit are really great.

on Aug 11, 2023

The bridge not be set whenever you get the package but that was easy enough to fix. The tuning wasn't too bad. The bow is not great. The shoulder rest was well. It came with everything it promised. EQ sounds great. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

on Aug 06, 2023

I loved everything, everything was great.

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