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Wind Instruments
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4.8 out of 5


on Nov 28, 2021

This was a gift and the recipient was delighted.

on Nov 08, 2021

It's absolutely beautiful!My son uses it for his flute class,since I didn't know which one to purchase I decided to try this one,end up being great.

on Oct 28, 2021

Works fine.Great for beginners.Good value for money.

on Oct 12, 2021

Well packaged,nice case,the instrument was well protected.

on Sep 29, 2021

Great customer service from them in addition to a great product.

on Sep 22, 2021

Great Instrument and I love the pink!It's a cute addition to my collection.

on Sep 18, 2021

Was a nice choice for a beginner.Pleasantly surprised.

on Sep 16, 2021

My son picked out this sax for his first instrument experience. (Band class) He absolutely loves it! Though for a 5th grader, it was a little heavier than he expected, and almost a bit to tall for him while sitting playing. But we have managed to figure out some tricks to help with that. I did have to grab him a different neck holder, we went with a shoulder piece instead because the weight was a little to much for his neck. He picked up very fast learning this piece. It's a beautiful instrume ...

on Aug 21, 2021

Recommend highly for beginners or those who want to get back into it after a long hiatus.

on Aug 07, 2021

Just got my purchase,played it a little and the sound isn't the best,but it plays real easy and everything works great.

Brass instruments are instruments that are played by the musician blowing into a tub in order to make a sound. The vibration of the lips as the player blows into the instrument is what really makes the sound. Pitch of the sound can also be altered by the player by changing the pressure from the lips which is put against the mouthpiece. The valves on these instruments are opened and closed by using the keys pressed by the player's fingers and these valves are what allow the musician to alter the sound that is being made.  Just like trumpet, tuba, cornet, baritone horn are generally made with valves.

Brass instruments are best known for their bold tones and are often used in music to add power to the overall sound. Some have a rich sound while others can have more of a sharp sound that cuts through.