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Wind Instruments
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on Apr 13, 2024

Gave it as a Christmas present. He's in the school's band, and uses it in class too. Beautiful, well made, and sounds great!

on Apr 12, 2024

My daughter loved it. She already had her first concert and it went great.

on Apr 11, 2024

Great beginner Saxophone, I bought this for my son for school. It has a very nice sound. It is easy to use and has a very nice look to it.

on Apr 07, 2024

Great product,I am learning to play the Saxophone. My teacher told me I did a great job with buying this product

on Apr 06, 2024

Perfect for Jr high band. I decided to buy one rather than rent one for more money! So happy I did because it's perfect for her and come complete ready to go!

on Apr 03, 2024

Perfect! Just Watch My Granddaughter Play!

on Apr 03, 2024

I purchase this clarinet for my daughter it sounds very good. she uses it for music class at school.

on Apr 02, 2024

Great,My son LOVED his new saxophone!!! Sounds great!

on Apr 01, 2024

Product shipped quickly, arrived safely and as described.

on Apr 01, 2024

Product shipped quickly, arrived safely and as described.

Brass instruments are instruments that are played by the musician blowing into a tub in order to make a sound. The vibration of the lips as the player blows into the instrument is what really makes the sound. Pitch of the sound can also be altered by the player by changing the pressure from the lips which is put against the mouthpiece. The valves on these instruments are opened and closed by using the keys pressed by the player's fingers and these valves are what allow the musician to alter the sound that is being made.  Just like trumpet, tuba, cornet, baritone horn are generally made with valves.

Brass instruments are best known for their bold tones and are often used in music to add power to the overall sound. Some have a rich sound while others can have more of a sharp sound that cuts through.