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on Oct 01, 2022

As a beginner violinist, this violin is more than good enough. How often you need to tune it will depend on the humidity. Once I moved to somewhere with humidity above 50%, the rate of tuning went from every time I wanted to play it to once every few months. Regardless of humidity, I recommend reinstalling the strings to keep the pegs from slipping.

on Sep 25, 2022

First off I would like to say that you're honestly not going to get a great violin in this price range. But for a very beginner in a tight budget, this is a very good violin. if you knock on the wood it feels very cheaply made, and the strings may break easily. I've already broken the highest string twice, so honestly I would get different strings elsewhere. The bow is nice quality for a beginner like myself. The case is very nice, and it is also very nice how much it comes with. All in all you ...

on Aug 26, 2022

The bridge is loose, I think because the instrument was in the heat of the trunk of the truck that delivered it for a long time, so this caused everything to move and have a little mark (I have no problem with them being detailed information, but should specify the packaging so that this does not happen)... The strings are not the best quality; other than that, everything is fine.

on Aug 15, 2022

Thick wood. Seems study. Good quality for the money. One thing I will mention is that you're going to wanna buy an extra resin block, dark or light, whatever. Anything would be better than this thing. You'll find it's impossible to get you're bow to stick to the sting, no matter how much you try to coat it.

If you are a music lover, you should like and protect your instrument. Violin strings are very important, and the violin can't play wonderful music without the strings.

Good strings should have good sound quality, fast tuning, stable pitch, good playability (fingers feel safe, strings react quickly) and long life. The strings used by different instruments are different, and the material of the strings greatly affects the tone of the instrument. The tension of the string is necessary for the string. The tension level is generally divided into five levels: ultra-low, low, medium, high and ultra-high. The higher the tension, the thicker the string. The thicker the strings, the more mellow the sound.

When you are using an instrument, you first need to learn how to adjust the strings, followed by the installation of the code and the use of the bow, especially for beginners of a musical instrument.