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I had my first lesson today and the instructor said it it a good violin. I am sooo thankful to God for Glarry Music and the excellence and quality of instruments! I'm going to buy another one for my daughter soon. God bless you and enjoy
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Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

Very satisfied with this violin and I highly recommend! I bought both this model and the Solid Wood violin from Glarry Music. I recommend this one over the solid wood primarily because this one has a spruce top, which is a better tonewood for violins. It produces a slightly warmer sound to my ear. The finish on this one is gorgeous, too! Shipping was fast, the case is durable, the violin arrived in great shape and looking good, and all accessories required for play were included. For the price, ...
For the money, this is a fantastic value. This is my 2nd violin purchase from Glarry...the first was the Antiqued violin for my daughter. We're both beginners with zero experience who just wanted to give it a try. After the first hour, I enjoyed playing hers so much I decided to get this one just for me. I like the Antiqued violin a little better and recommend that one first if you can afford the few extra dollars--I will go into those details on that product page. Price-wise neither of them can ...
Package arrived with everything as promised. You should take their recommendation of taking it to someone knowledgeable to get it setup correctly. Glarry customer service has been responsive and fair in supporting us. Our initial efforts to setup the instrument at home was less than successful, because we failed to spot that the strings were threaded backwards through the pegs. Violin teacher rectified this. The instrument can now hold a tuning. However, the fine tuners do not work and the ...
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Although it is absolutely beautiful there were a few small issues. The instruction that came with it need to be more explanatory. While they give you a brief idea of how to assemble the violin they do not explain how to place the bridge, use the tuning pegs, and setup the bow well enough for someone who has never picked one up. The case and all other parts and accessories are fantastic for beginners. The digital tuner needs instructions though.
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Thanks for your comment. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We will try harder to offer better products and service. We have online violin lessons, hope it will give you some help. Click here: https://www.glarrymusic.com/violin-lessons-introduction-and-purpose-pdg-5.html Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

Amazing violin for the money! Great for beginners.
My stuff was on time and it was a good product.
I debated over buying this for a while before I finally gave in and I'm so excited I did! It was here within three days which was awesome! I'm a first time violin player so it was a little tricky to put together and tune and everything but I think I got the hang of it. It's beautiful and has (as far as I can tell) clear enough sound quality. Nothing is broken or scratched, and I think the light packing is fine since it's in its case too. The only thing is, like other reviewers have said, you de ...
The only reason I bought this, is because I always wanted to try playing a violin/fiddle. As to quality, or playability, I can't comment, yet. Everything is in place, It has a nice, symmetrical appearance, and it looks like all of the other violins I've seen. There were a couple of additional accessories included (strings, tuner, etc.). And, if I had a clue what I was doing, I'm sure it would make some sort of noise. That is Step 2 on my list.
My order was received on time and in good condition.
Bought this for my 8yo daughter for Christmas. She loves it!
Wow really nice violin especially for the price. Will definitely purchase other items from Glarry Music.
I bought this as a starter violin for my 7-year-old granddaughter, to give her a feel for playing a violin before having the chance to play a vioin at school. She was thrilled with it. I know nothing about violins, but for the price, this wooden violin is perfect. I took it to a music store to be assembled (probably could have done it myself; mostly involved installing the bridge), and musical friend helped tune it. Once we resined the bow sufficiently, she was able to produce sound. The vi ...
I love the fact that Glarry provides a full bundle of a product. I don't have to add and look for individual items for my cart, one click and its done. The shipping was fast. The product overall is great but I do have a couple of issues. The pegs do not hold the position, keeps getting loose while tuning. The bridge keeps falling off due to a lack of carves. Overall good product for the price.
Awesome product. Great size for kids a learning.
I bought the instruments for beginning students. For the money you can't beat it. It's ideal to keep cost low and see if they really are serious about learning.
Love the violin ❤️ Great price and fast shipping !! I'll be back for a guitar !
The violin was decent but the bow is horrible and the shoulder rest is non-adjustable. I tried to contact you guys last week but I have heard nothing from you guys concerning this issue. The bow will not loosen or tighten and as i stated earlier the shoulder rest is non adjustable and doesnt fit my violin.
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Our customer service staff had sent an email to you, but we have not received your reply. Please check your email (maybe the trashmail), and also called you, but it was not connected. If you have any questions, please contact us, our customer service email is: cs@glarrymusic.com. Have a good day!

If you are a music lover, you should like and protect your instrument. Violin strings are very important, and the violin can't play wonderful music without the strings.

Good strings should have good sound quality, fast tuning, stable pitch, good playability (fingers feel safe, strings react quickly) and long life. The strings used by different instruments are different, and the material of the strings greatly affects the tone of the instrument. The tension of the string is necessary for the string. The tension level is generally divided into five levels: ultra-low, low, medium, high and ultra-high. The higher the tension, the thicker the string. The thicker the strings, the more mellow the sound.

When you are using an instrument, you first need to learn how to adjust the strings, followed by the installation of the code and the use of the bow, especially for beginners of a musical instrument.