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on Jul 31, 2020

Hi let me open by saying I am a musician, and and fortunate to own many Ukuleles even some pre-war Hawaiians, several Kamaka, and some early Maccaferis. I bought this Watermelon Uke as a surprise for my wife, I chose the decorated one as a cool gift. AMAZING service on the sale, arriving one day early with the included free shipping. The fit and finish are nice! Action is very good, a very playable Uke. Does it sound like my high end Hawaiians? No but it has good volume, nice tone and is a cute ...
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Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

on Apr 09, 2022

Amazing instrument for so cheap! This is a brand to trust. Will be buying from here again.

on Apr 08, 2022

Seems to be built ok but does not stay in tune thru an entire song. I wasn't expecting much and my expectations were met. If you purchase one of these, make sure to clean the fretboard and polish the frets.
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We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Glarry

on Dec 11, 2021

Sounds great, plays great, great price, and I'm super happy with the service.

on Oct 15, 2021

This ukelele is great for beginners like me!

on Aug 25, 2021

Im happy to have started my euke collection with such a cute little euke.I would definitely order it again.

on Jul 24, 2021

I love the feel of the ukelele but some of the frets sounds have always been off. I showed it to an experienced player and they said that it's possible that it wasn't perfectly leveled when it was made. Is this something you can help me with? The same sound is made on two frets where my middle finger lies, also the top fret sounds off as well. Thank you.
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Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Glarry

on May 01, 2021

Recommendation Yes I would recommended it to beginners. PROS Great sound, easy to hold, smooth and cute CONS The strings feel coarse [rough/crude]

on Apr 08, 2021

Very beautiful color and good instrument ! My husband loves it, thank you for glarrymusic!

on Mar 07, 2021

Beautiful and fun look. Adequate sound. Can't wait to show this off.

on Jan 22, 2021

Outstanding Ukulele the small cost does not reflect the quality of this instrument. Glarry customer service is second to none. This company is great to deal with.

on Jan 08, 2021

It took a while to arrive [Ordered on the 22nd, arrived on the 7th] but overall it's pretty good for the price! Definitely would recommend it as a starting ukulele!

on Dec 09, 2020

With 10% off in the black Friday sale you really can't find a better deal. Obviously cheaply made but playable.

on Dec 09, 2020

Great ukulele, once it's tuned it has a great sound and only took four days to arrive. Another great Glarry product

on Nov 11, 2020

First of all, it came 1 1/2 weeks before I expected it which was great! It came with extra strings, two picks, and a gig bag. Second, it is a beautiful ukulele and it has a wonderful tone. The quality is that of a much more expensive uke and it is so easy to play beautiful music! It does go out of tune if I don't use it for 24 hours, but that's just because it is new. It is very easy to tune. I would definitely buy again!

on Oct 17, 2020

The E string was a little wobbly and doesn't feel to good. It is in tune but is still loose. This is my first time playing a ukulele and idk if that just how it's supposed to be. Apart from the it's a great ukulele and for that price I was pretty happy.

on Sep 19, 2020

For the price, this thing is a must have. Its super cute, very well made and sounds good. Its a great way to change up the norm and/or get kids interested in playing. Shipping was fast and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

on Aug 18, 2020

I am enjoying my Ukulele. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for around the 20 dollar price. It looks and sounds great. Nice service and arrived on time. God job Glarry.

on Aug 05, 2020

Bought this for my young grandson, who loves to watch me play guitar. It arrived fairly fast, 5 days from ordering. It's a $23 ukulele, way better than his plastic toy guitar, he loves it, carries it around every time he's here. I'll buy another one when he breaks this one.

on Jul 24, 2020

The ukelele is nice, came with extra strings and a case. It intones if you dont use it for a little bit but overall it has amazing sound quality but I wish it came with a tuner instead of those large ukelele picks. But other than that it was perfect.

on Jul 20, 2020

Came in fairly quickly and plays like a dream. My last uke was the same price and half the quality. So I am very pleased with this one
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Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

on Jul 12, 2020

Quick delivery. The ukulele is cute. Great for a prop. I'm not disappointed at all.

on Jul 05, 2020

Product was to my expectations. Service was responsive to my questions. Now I just need to learn to play it! Thanks to the people at Glarry for delivering this ukulele in tip top shape.

on Jun 24, 2020

Great value, quick delivery. Just what I was looking for.

on Jun 22, 2020

I was very pleased when I opened the unmistakable Glarry Ukulele box, and then even more pleased with the instrument itself. The item on the web page was a bare natural wood and I planned to stain it to a deeper wood grain color. To my surprise this had already been done!!! It looks awesome and performs so wonderfully! Thank you Glarry!

Ukulele has 4 strings, looks like the guitar but smaller in size and easier to learn and play than guitar, Ukulele strings are typically made of nylon making them easier to press down than guitar strings which are typically made of steel.They are tuned differently. The ukulele has 4 standard sizes some of which have alternate tunings. Ukulele have a higher tonal range than guitars. Even the largest ukulele are smaller than guitars, and are therefore more portable and better for travel. The ukulele is less popular and is played in fewer genres than guitar. Because the ukulele is less popular, learning resources are less abundant for ukulele than for the guitar. Even though ukuleles are less popular, starter instruments are less expensive than starter guitars, and performance-ready ukuleles are comparatively priced with guitars of the same quality, which is the difference from guitar.

Before buy ukulele, there are some things you'll want to keep in mind. The ukulele is divided into soprano, concert, tenor and baritone four dimensions, and the size and structure will affect the tone and volume of the ukulele. Best ukulele is pretty portable and convenient to carry due to the compact. As an instrument, learning ukulele can let practitioners have their own expertise, conducive to enhance self-confidence and ukuleles need to cooperate with both hands, which helps promote the development of the left and right brain.

Best choice for you, or you can buy best ukulele for your family or friends. The shape of ukulele is cute, sound great, is a rhythm to stimulate the potential of the instrument.