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Saxophone Reviews

4.6 out of 5


on Aug 03, 2022

It's the perfect saxophone for beginners to intermediate, I am a junior in highschool band and I play many instruments. This saxophone has a great sound quality, especially in the lower register.

on Jul 30, 2022

This saxophone looks and sounds beautiful. I was really worried about ordering it since it is much cheaper than the other higher name brand ones. i was sure something would be wrong, it would be too small, etc. When I got it, it was PERFECT!!!

on Jul 20, 2022

First of all I am really pleased that I received a week before the estimated date. Second of all this saxophone is amazing ! I used to play the tenor saxophone back in high school and wanted to get back in playing the saxophone. I decided to get an alto this time and I am not disappointed. I am starting all over again in learning the notes and all but I gotta say I remembering more than what I excepted. The sound of this saxophone sounds so beautiful and it is craftsmanship just amazing. You def ...

on Jul 17, 2022

It plays nice and is very strong

on Jul 17, 2022

My son loves to play and he was so excited to have one of his own.

on Jul 09, 2022

Es mi instrumento favorito

on Jul 09, 2022

So far my son is enjoying it.

on Jun 29, 2022

My saxaphone is perfect!!!!

on Jun 24, 2022

As a very beginner,my husband loved his gift and will get a lot of life out of it.

on Jun 21, 2022

Just love the product it was what I expected

on Jun 16, 2022

I like everything about this saxophone except that it only comes with 1 Reed.

on Jun 14, 2022

Really liked the case and how well it was pack. And the quality of the item was great.

on Jun 14, 2022


on Jun 11, 2022

Great saxophone for the price,my husband is learning quickly!

on Jun 09, 2022

This instrument is way more beautiful than the picture and description gives it credit for. Totally love it!

on Jun 09, 2022

The saxophone came quickly came as described wonderfully packaged and wonderful case.

on Jun 08, 2022

This Sax is nice and very well made. It also came with everything needed to take care of it. I purchased this instrument for my 9 yr old son. He loves it.

on Jun 03, 2022

Good quality and great sound

on Jun 01, 2022

I recommend buying the cleaning/stand/neck strap combo with this. Great value and you'll need all of it anyway. Also get a new ligature just in case. Sax itself is great.

on May 30, 2022

It was very pretty but it wouldn't switch out of the high octave and barley played lower notes, and fluctuated high and low. Also very airy sounding, and you can hear each key being pressed.

on May 29, 2022

My son loves it. Great for beginners,the tone isn't bad either.

on May 29, 2022

Beautiful sax. Really all that needs said. Mine came without any issues and had the box of reeds it advertised. Plays better then I expected,and with its looks I could not be happier.If you are looking for a starter instrument for yourself or someone else I think it's a great price for the quality

Saxophone, one of the best music tools for learning! Playing the saxophone is not only fun, but also pricessless sence of achievement.

Typically, there are four standard size saxophones. These are the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. The soprano saxophone is the key to Bb, and then the alto saxophone is half an octave in the key of Eb. The tenor saxophone is eight Points lower than the soprano and is the key to Bb. Finally, the baritone saxophone is eight degrees lower than the midrange and is therefore the key to Eb. Among the four main saxophones, the alto saxophone was recommended by many beginners for its pitch. Beginners often find this to be the easiest of the four types because the higher and lower ranges require more demanding breathing work. Dipping your toe into the world of saxophone playing - glarrymusic.