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on Aug 22, 2021

The sound is extremely poor, does not sound even close to a real piano. When plugged in, it made strong steady noises. Pedals did not work. A few keys could not be pressed and made no sound at all. Very poor quality on sound and materials. I will be returning it. Extremely unsatisfied. Highly not recommended.
Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality.

on Aug 31, 2021

The piano I've ordered had an issue, which I think is I think is a very uncommon for this type of piano. The sound was great overall. And the piano was super easy to assemble. All tools were included. I've had extremely pleasant experience with the customer service representative. They addressed the issues immediately and made sure it was resolved quickly. Very responsive via email, kind, attentive to details, respectful and generous.

on Aug 04, 2021

I is very excited when I received it and I'm so glad I did. It is a awesome clear playing piano and I love all the selection of sounds and the ability to use Bluetooth and media thanks for having such a good digital piano and it looks great in my living room with definitely recommend this to anybody

on Jun 19, 2021

It came packaged with a big red x marking the front of the box, plenty of cardboard and cushion to protect it. It arrived 3 days sooner than expected, assembly was easy the instructions are extreamly simple. The sound is fantastic. When comparing this to other digital pianos in the same price range this is the best bang for your buck. The wood is sturdy and the keys/pedels are responsive. And the sound quality is fantastic for the price. I would recommend assembling this with 2 people as the pi ...

on Apr 24, 2021

This is an amazing keyboard bundle deal. Thank you, Glarry for making affordable instruments for those of us who aren't rich.

on Apr 02, 2021

We've had the Piano for four days now. We are pleasantly surprised. My son graduated from a smaller keyboard to this and the rest of the family can still enjoy this. It has handled several young kids playing on it and it holds up beautifully. The construction is solid and heavy, like a piano should be. It isn't solid wood, but it is not particle wood either. It is Melamine, which is like saw dust and glue. While it is not perfect, it is stable and solid. We are excited to continue playing on thi ...

on Dec 29, 2020

Arrived with its stand and its seat in time for Christmas. Niece was delighted with her gift and had her first piano lesson on Saturday 12/26/2020 (the day after Christmas).

on Nov 29, 2020

the keyboard arrived damaged. contacted customer service and they quickly replaced it. very, very good customer service.

In terms of aesthetics and acoustics, the piano is undoubtedly a beautiful musical instrument. Whether at home or on stage, perhaps nothing can truly beat the beauty and majesty of an acoustic piano and the respect it deserves. However, digital pianos have come a long way and are definitely worth considering, especially as technology advances and they become cheaper.

Now, it is more suitable than ever to use a digital piano as an alternative to an upright acoustic or grand piano. Purists will stick to their dead ends, so that nothing can match the real touch, weight or resistance of ivory keys or the roar and resonance sound of traditional piano hammers, but modern piano manufacturers will undoubtedly try their best to do so.

All in all, when it comes to the best digital piano, I suggest choosing glarry digital piano, which is very cost-effective.