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Tuning Pegs
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on May 05, 2023

Got the Sunset straocaster yesterday,and was amazed at the guitar for the price. I've been a musician over forty years was a bit skeptical. I get cheaper guitars from pawn shoos ,yard sales etc, set them up or upgrade and sell them to the students or anyone wanting a guitar. It's a beautiful instrument. Th back of the neck was a little rough,but I polished it with 2500 grit sandpaper and it came out smooth as silk. A slight truss rod and string height tweak and it was ready to rock. I changed th ...

on Feb 04, 2023

The tuners are great looking and work awesome, thanks Mike

on Sep 19, 2022

Gonna put em on an order Ibenez it will Rock again!

on Aug 16, 2021

Nice tuning pegs for the price. They work great.

on Aug 06, 2021

Nice set of tuning keys. Looks like the same as original and that is fine with me... I am using them as spare parts in case I need them... I currently own 4 Glarry guitars and basses

on Apr 15, 2021

Excellent tuners for the price point, especially the bass

After a few years of play, your guitar just isn't staying in tune like it once was. This can be frustrating to any musician, especially someone who spends a lot of time with their guitar. It is at this point that you have considered replacing the tuning pegs on your guitar. Although it may seem like a daunting and difficult task.

Here you can find a guitar tuners that can meet your demand. The tuning pegs tuners with high quality and exquisite design is durable and install securely without loosening, button post step up design, anti-rust plating, all-metal construction. Locking tuning pegs offer the added benefit of locking the pegs position, eliminating slipping and de-tuning of the guitar at the headstock.

The important step is to decide whether you are going to put them in yourself, or if you are going to have a guitar technician do the work for you.