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Left Handed Electric Guitars Reviews

4.6 out of 5


on Feb 08, 2021

Surprised at the level of quality at $100! It sounds like a $600 guitar. The neck is thicker than most guitars but that doesn't affect playing. It feels great. Shipping was very fast. Only a few days wait. Very satisfied with this purchase. Will tell my friends to get their starter guitar here.
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

on Nov 18, 2022

I specifically bought this guitar as a project guitar. EXTREMELY HAPPY with this purchase. I'm going to buy another one!!!

on Oct 21, 2022

This is good beginner guitar for me it tuned easy and hold the tune I've also bought a spark 40 watt amp I've already tested it still learning how to play like I said I am a beginner and I'm very satisfied I would suggest this to anyone they have different colors and this is the one I picked very happy thank you

on Oct 20, 2022

I wasn't expecting much given the price but the guitar is awesome. Great for anyone who plays or wants to learn while feeling pretty rock and roll. Obviously it's not going to be on par with expensive guitars but for the casual player it's excellent.

on Oct 16, 2022

great guitar played out of the box thank you

on Oct 08, 2022

The guitar was packed very well(box was a little damaged but nothing actually broken or cracked), needed a little tuning but it plays nice and sounds great!

on Oct 01, 2022

If your interested in a lefty semi hollow and can do some work to improve it you cant go wrong. I put in new nut,repositioned the bridge,polished the frets and added new fender strings. The strings go through the body sound sweet and i am pleased with the result.

on Sep 29, 2022

This is a very good deal. Kid loves it, just needs a nudge to get started. Of this is 1st guitar, I recommend getting some books too.

on Sep 18, 2022

I specifically bought this guitar as a project guitar. Something to fix up during the summer. First of all, Its very light. Not heavy at all. It came well packaged and nothing was wrong. The strings are factory cheap. ( of course...) So get new ones. The pick ups are meh... And the tuner knobs are somewhat decent. They hold for a little while then you'll have to retune. I don't have any problems with the neck or fret work. So the neck is fine. All in all its a decent guitar for a beginner, and ...

on Sep 12, 2022

Use it for my gig..the nut has to be file down and needs set up.. sound is ok ..

on Sep 10, 2022

Great quality for the price; It was delivered a lot sooner than I was expecting. I'm glad I bought it.Thank you so much.

on Sep 02, 2022

This was a gift for our grandson. He absolutely loves it!

on Aug 30, 2022

I'm a beginnersnd this is literally the best guitar quality for that price that i found, im learning lol

on Aug 18, 2022

Very good action for a beginner's.It's a great starter for a beginner like me.

on Aug 11, 2022

A great deal for a bass. And a great deal for the price. For me it's a perfect learner bass in both how to play and how to upgrade an electric guitar. I don't have access to another bass so I can't really compare, but like other guitars I purchase for a lower price there is room for improvement to make playing easier. I lightly sanded the neck and put boiled linseed oil on it - now it is as good as any expensive bass - silky smooth. As a lefty - I like the volume and tone to work as a right hand ...

on Jul 20, 2022

Excellent product, very satisfied with the treatment provided.

on Jul 04, 2022

Got this for my 13 year old daughter and she loves it. Very easy to get started with this guitar. Do recommend getting lessons. Thank you for a great guitar!

on Jul 03, 2022

Good guitar for the price. If you're well educated on what makes a guitar "good," I'm sure you would find something to nitpick. The guitar case was absolutely terrible though. It broke the first time I used it. Everything else worked just fine.

on Jun 11, 2022

expect to change the strings right away, pickups are a bit crap and buzz a little but for the money it's worth it. if you're just starting out then pick one of these up. inexpensive but reliable as a starter guitar.

on Apr 27, 2022

Got this from my grandson he loves it! Perfect size for 8 years old and it actually sounds good! I have many expensive guitars and I was impressed.

on Mar 15, 2022

I unpacked the guitar and was impressed with the overall craftsmanship. The body was finished well and the neck was smooth with frets smooth to the touch making playing fun.

on Mar 11, 2022

I purchased my left-handed Glarry Jazz bass back in July of 2020 as a way of keeping occupied during the lockdown, after nearly 2 years I'm still as blown away as the day it first arrived. This bass is a *beast*! It sounds incredible, very little adjustments were needed right out of the box, I lowered the action on one string a little & that's it. The thing that really impresses me in an ongoing way is this bass *insists* on remaining completely in tune almost indefinitely, I have a digital, hig ...

on Mar 09, 2022

For the price, I couldn't recommend a better brand. Especially since I'm left handed. Will be purchasing another product soon!

on Feb 25, 2022

Plays pretty damn nice right out of the box.Two thumbs up it's absolutely fabulous.

on Feb 17, 2022

Received it in record time! No dings or scratches, and frets are filed nicely on the edges. (for the price, I figured the the neck would cut my fingers out the box). neck pick up was loud and clear but the bridge is very bassy and sounds like I'm plugged into a big muff, even at low volume. I did preemptively order some pickups and some other guts so no problems overall! They gotta cut cost somewhere right!?

on Feb 13, 2022

I am currently attempting to return the guitar due to a defect. So far, I'm not very thrilled how it's progressing. Once the return process is over, I can come back and hopefully, have a better review of the company and the service department. As for the guitar, it looks great; it just has a defect in the construction and that is why I'm trying to return it.
Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Glarry

on Feb 17, 2022

UPDATE: Glarry has reached out to me for a resolution on this matter. They offered to pay for the repair, but I only wanted to return it. The final agreement was a refund of the majority of the original price and I keep the guitar. It was a fair offer and I accepted it. They really did want to make things right without having the item returned. I'm unable to change my One Star satisfaction score, but I would give it Three Stars now. I hope this helps others not to be concerned about purchas ...

on Feb 07, 2022

Beautiful guitar, sounds and plays great, my fiance ordered it for me accidentally, but we are keeping it as it will be a perfect first guitar for my left-handed daughter.

Play left handed electric guitar in one of the following ways: (1) play the instrument truly right-handed, (2) play the instrument truly left-handed, (3) altering a right-handed instrument to play left-handed, or (4) turning a right-handed instrument upside down to pick with the left hand, but not altering the strings – leaving them reversed from the normal order. (The fingering is the same for methods 2 and 3.) Any style of picking with the left hand (flatpicking or fingerstyle guitar) is considered playing left handed. The guitar is basically right-handed; however, let the left hand enjoy the beauty of the music with a guitar, and now there is a left handed electric guitar.

Basically, the cheap left handed electric guitar and the ordinary guitar are mirror images of the right-hand movie. This means that the guitar has a fingerboard on the right side, and the picking work must be done with the left hand. In addition, in order to ensure that these guitars are mirror images of right-handed guitars, their string finding is the opposite. Changing the strings on a right-handed guitar involves several things. The nut of the guitar has to be changed to accommodate the string widths. The bridge needs to be changed to make the lower strings longer than the top strings for correct intonation. On almost all acoustic guitars the bracing is non-symmetrical. On electric guitars altered this way, the controls will be backwards.

There are no basic rules to play with glarry left handed electric guitar. You have the right to design the right when you feel comfortable. You own way to play the guitar. Guitarists in this category pick with their left hand and have the strings in the conventional order for a left-handed player (i.e. the low string on the top side of the neck). They either have true left-handed guitars or have right-handed guitars altered so the strings are correct for a left handed player. Some guitarists in this category play both genuine left handed instruments and right-handed instruments altered for left handed playing.