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on Sep 07, 2022

The first one came in a bit beat up which made it almost unplayable, but I got sent a brand new one that works like a charm!

on Aug 11, 2022

I purchased this Beauty for my daughter and she loves it as do I

on Dec 17, 2021

I've played guitar 30 years..this is my learning violin. Honestly, the finish is far from great but everything else is solid. I had no problems with setup and tuning. If the question is, am i happy with this low priced instrument? Yes. It will do just fine as a student model.
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

on Dec 05, 2021

Excellent quality for the price - and prompt shipment! Highly recommend....

on Dec 04, 2021

Gladly music is very good place to buy any music instruments because if you are not happy with your purchase they are very happy to refund your money.

on Nov 26, 2021

Very cool everything is great just gotta learn how to play lol.

on Apr 22, 2021

After damaging my first Glarry Electric violin in the fall, I had my choice of several violins on the market, but I chose another white Glarry. For the money there's nothing better!

on Apr 02, 2021

My daughter picked the Matte. Loved it!!! Great quality and it comes with everything! Great deal for the money!

on Mar 22, 2021

Glarry GV102 4/4 Acoustic EQ Electric Solid Wood Violin White: REVIEW Scott A. Johnson First a little personal music history. When the angles were handing out musical talent I was standing in the Curiosity line for the second time. It is true that I am not a very good musician, I only play for the fun of it and haven't played in front of people since I played second chair tuba in my 5th grade band... and I was the only tuba player in the band and still only rated 2nd chair. Even with no music ...
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

on Mar 15, 2021

Thanks for the quick service....a few minor adjustments and it was all good...I'll be buying from you again..

on Mar 14, 2021

Very impressed with quality at an affordable price

on Jan 30, 2021

Violin came perfect! The white also has a slight glitter effect to it, so pretty!!

on Jan 14, 2021

My wife loved it. Now only if she could play-LOL

on Nov 19, 2020

New to violin. I was impressed with how fast it arrived. Better constructed than what I expected for the price. I did have to get a different rosen. The one sent does not due as well in colder climates. I was told it works better during warmer seasons.

on Oct 31, 2020

I'm sitting here on Venice beach for the first time since I've received the violin which is a few days, and I am so happy!! I am the music instrument librarian and it is my calling to learn many instruments & songs to teach others the easiest way to play them, so this is my fourth or fifth violin since my college years. I still need markers and stuff like that which is totally OK and I'm so excited to play, thank you so much! The electric acoustic violin is well constructed and sounds grrrrr8! ...

on Oct 28, 2020

My son and the music teacher were blown away great transaction and shipping will pri do business with you again as I'm a working musico

The electronic violin, which combines electronic technology with traditional instruments, is controlled by a loudspeaker. When playing, the player is much more relaxed in the traditional way.
The volume of the electronic violin can be adjusted at any time to suit different performances. From small “room music venues” to large concert halls, appropriate volume adjustments can be made as needed. Its volume is freely adjustable, so the player can play in any place he likes without worrying about affecting others.
A good electronic violin can produce the same beautiful sound as the famous piano. The price is only one-third of the name of the piano. It is a good choice for violin beginners.
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