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Write a Metal Song with only ONE Note on GTL Electric Guitar!

January 17, 2023


Have you ever tried to write a song with just ONE note? Is that possible? Hurry up and open the video above to see how Rudy writes a metal song with only one D on the Glarry guitar. Get ready to be mesmerized by this amazing idea and GTL guitar.


Glarry GTL guitar is priced 40% less than the average market price. The super high cost performance is one of its biggest highlights.


Single-Single pickups create a bright, crisp tone with more sustain and less feedback issues, allowing for an easy transition from metal rock to country.


Comfortable neck profile with smooth rolled fingerboard edges and easy-access frets make it feel great on your fingers for better playability.


Not everyone wants to wrestle with a heavy guitar. Anything under 6 pounds is really amazing and gives an incredibly comfortable playing experience.

It's Really GREAT!

This impressively spec’d T-type is a modern player’s dream, and with its combination of price and quality, it may be the only guitar you'll ever need. It's an incredible value for beginners and those interested in electric guitars.

Click here if you want one: Glarry® GTL Electric Guitar

Full Review and Demo

While the video at the beginning of the article only uses the GTL's D tuning and you don't hear its other tones, rest assured that you will be absolutely amazed by its sound. If you're interested in hearing more comprehensive tones, we've provided a full review and demo video below.

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