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Meet the Most Popular Professional Wind Instruments and Digital Pianos!

January 12, 2023


Our most popular professional wind instruments and digital pianos are here, and the good news is that there are great specials going on right now.

Our Best Winds & Digital Pianos:

Saxophone + Case + Mouthpiece + 10 Reeds + Accessories
Made of quality solid brass and lacquered gold to ensure abrasion resistance and gloss. The compact design of the key layout makes it easier to master playing skills and more comfortable to hold. The well-rounded intonation and warm sound will provide you with the best start for learning alto saxophone. Comes with all the accessories needed to play the sax right out of the box.
Trumpet + Case + 7C Mouthpiece + Accessories
Adopt durable brass body, brass lead-pipe and cupronickel tuning slides. The 4.88 inch integrated-welding Bell mouth design makes the trumpet sound even better, brighter and more penetrating. Key Of Bb and 7C Mouthpiece is the preferred option for beginners. With the well-centered sound, it performs in all sorts of music from classical to big band, jazz, pop or even solos.
Clarinet + Case + Mouthpiece + 10 Reeds + Accessories
Comprised of a premium black Bakelite and durable nickel-plated keys, the clarinet has a good response and smooth playability. The sound is bright but not dry, and the reed produces a warmer sound. Comes with 62mm and 65mm mouthpiece connectors for flexible tuning. Attractive design while keeping the price low makes it the great choice for beginner or intermediate clarinetist.
Saxophone + Case + Mouthpiece + Reed + Accessories
This solid brass alto sax has a warm sound, well-rounded intonation and a compact key layout design - designed to provide the most professional instrument for music lovers and professionals. The multi-layer lacquered antique brass is durable and beautiful, adding a vintage aesthetic to an otherwise elegant body. Suitable for numerous music forms, including jazz, rock and various classical.
Digital Piano + Triple Pedal + Headphone + Accessories
Adopt high quality DREAM sound source and 3 pedal system (Soft/ Sustain/ Sostenuto Pedal) to bring you the most striking sound effect. Professionally designed 88 fully weighted hammer-action keys for better touch and fingering practice. The rich functions of Metronome, touch/shift control, split/touch control, record/playback immerse you in the world of music.
Digital Piano + Sustain Pedal + Headphone + Accessories
Designed with 88 full-size keys, 64-note polyphony, 80 demo songs, 600 rhythms and 800 voices. Duet mode splits the piano into two equal pitch ranges, allowing the teacher and student to play alongside one another. Built-in stereo speakers provide excellent sound quality, and the included headphones help you play without worrying about disturbing others.
Digital Piano + Triple Pedal + Headphone + Accessories
Strong functions include French Dream️ digital sampling sound source, 64-note polyphony, 200 rhythms, 80 demo songs, 960 voices, MIDI, metronome, dual voice and more to meet your every need. The full-size weighted hammer-action keys respond precisely to your fingers, giving an amazingly realistic touch for a truly enjoyable musical experience.
Digital Piano + Pedal + Bag + Accessorie
Full size with 88 standard action keys, perfect for beginners to learn and play. Features 128 rhythms, 128 tones and 20 demos to enhance your performances. Methoneme/ Record/ Sustain/ Drum kit/ Tempo+-/ Transpose+-/ Chord/ OKON and other rich key functions make playing more fascinating. Three power modes let you play anywhere and anytime.

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