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Creepiest Guitar Riff for Halloween

October 12, 2021


It’s that time of the year again. Time for spooky riffs and progressions that go bump in the night! For those who want to melt their faces while celebrating the best time of the year, here’s a Spooky Treat from an old friend.

Make Creepy Sounds on Glarry GST:

Finishes: Skull, Blood, Lightning, Zebra | Fingerboard: Rosewood
This one is the GST in the video. This gorgeous skull finish is more than enough to push the Halloween holiday atmosphere to the top.
Pickguard: White | Fingerboard: Rosewood | Complete Kit With An AMP
When the flashing lights passed by, the most suffocating thing was the faint blue. Quite fitting!
Pickguard: Black | Fingerboard: Maple
When you carve a pumpkin for your annual Halloween party, there is nothing more suitable for it than yellow GST.
Pick-up: Humbucker-Humbucker | Fingerboard: Rosewood
With a lightning inlays and blue finish, you may hear a faint knocking at your door… The Scares Never End!
Body: Premium Basswood | Neck & Fingerboard: Canadian Hard Maple | Pickups: Upgraded | Nut: Bone
What’s Halloween without a bit of spooky green? It comes in green but with a modern take on the traditional ST style, play some horrible music now.
Pickguard: White | Fingerboard: Maple
This bloody red is sometimes more disturbing and scary. So go, my ghouls and ghosts, and enjoy your Halloween!
Pickguard: Pearl | Fingerboard: Rosewood
If something more colorful tickles your fancy, perhaps this beautiful GST3 will be more to your liking. Just don’t try to carve this one to a jack o’ lantern… okay?

You'd better start cracking it now to make sure your creepy playlist is ready in time for the big day! Enjoy the countdown to our top 7 Glarry GST guitars.

That’s it! Happy Halloween everyone and it's safe out there.

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