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S Type or LP Type - Which Sound Do You Prefer?

September 30, 2021



  • This can be crazy. This video compares an S-type guitar with three single coils to an LP-type guitar with humbuckers, and lets people understand what each type of guitar sounds like. The S-type guitar sounds thinner, louder and rattling, while the LP sounds thicker and muddy. Which sound do you prefer?

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  • The price is $89.99, which is 40% lower than the market average price. The excellent Glarry GST is definitely worth the money.


  • Not everyone wants to fight a 10-pound electric guitar. Having something only about 5.16lb is absolutely phenomenal. The design of Glarry GST is very ergonomic.


  • There are many beautiful finishes on Glarry GST, which look very attractive.

It's Really FANTASTIC!

  • Combining affordability and quality, this Glarry GST is far beyond people's imagination. If you like the sound of an S-type guitar, or you want to start playing the guitar, or come back after a long interruption, or you want a second guitar, this is the guitar!

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