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Pleasantly Surprised By GP Bass Solos, How Good The Intonation Is!

November 17, 2020



  • Pleasantly Surprised by GP Bass Solos, How Good The Intonation Is!Because of the good range of tones, you can make this bass sound good for finger style slap or tap.


  • Sometimes, when the bass is inexpensive, you have to make various adjustments to fix the intonation and make it more playable.But with this Glarry GP Bass, all you have to do is adjust the action slightly according to your playing habits. That's really simple.


  • When you open the box, the first thing you will notice is the light weight.

Good Bass For Beginners!

  • Basically if you're a beginner bass player or you want to buy a bass as a gift for someone, this Glarry GP is a great deal because it doesn't get much more affordable than that and it's also very playable and lightweight.

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