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Labor Day Celebrations Rock This Weekend

September 01, 2021


Happy Labor Day Weekend! Glarry top picks are finally here. We're rounding up the best guitars and more you can get today.

Pickup: Single-Single-Single | Body: Basswood | Neck: Maple | Fingerboard: Maple
Three single coil pickups provide a clear and bright sound and strong penetrating power. Don't miss the set with Amp, which can save more money and time.
Pickup: Humbucker-Single-Humbucker | Body: Basswood | Neck: Maple | Fingerboard: Rosewood
If something more strong and metal tickles your fancy, perhaps this beautiful Burning Fire will be more to your liking. The H-S-H pickups delivers a clean, clear and bright tone and provides a thick and violent distortion.
Pickup: Split Single-Single | Body: Basswood | Neck: Maple | Fingerboard: Rosewood
You’ll be impressed with this instrument’s pickups - a hum-canceling split single-coil in the middle position and a J-style single-coil at the bridge, which deliver a powerful, punchy tone and classic sounds of bass. It should definitely be on your short list.
Pickup: Single-Single | Body: Basswood | Neck: Maple | Fingerboard: Rosewood
2 single-coil pickups deliver a slightly thinner, brighter sound with healthy mid range growl. With the simple and elegant finish, this bass is a great and inexpensive option for both beginners and bass enthusiasts alike.
Top: Spruce | Back/Sides: Basswood | Fingerboard: Rosewood | Bridge: Rosewood
If you don’t like the thickness of an electric guitar, try a more understated and crisp acoustic guitar. This cutaway construction produces a full, rounded sound, which equates to volume and confident mid-level power in support of a bright treble.
Pickup: Single-Single-Single | Body: Basswood | Neck: Maple | Fingerboard: Rosewood
This is definitely a left handed guitar with all the features you need. Your music will sound undeniably fresh on the three single-coil pickups and the stunning sunset finish.
Top/Back/Side: Basswood | Neck: Basswood | Fingerboard: Rosewood
Meticulously crafted from high-grade basswood with special treatment, making sure the front, side and rear panels deliver rich resonance for the most beautiful, loudest sound. This is easily the best bang-for-the-buck ukulele on this list.
Suitable for GST / GTL Electric Guitars
Made of PVC plastic, with luxurious lining, with internal accessory compartments and lockable latches. The ultra-sturdy flat top box design provides heavy protection for the guitar.
Suitable for Bass Guitars
Made of high quality wood, PVC, plush and hardware accessories material, durable and sturdy in use. Lockable latches and bumpers ensure the safety of the guitar.

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