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Glarry GP VS GP Ⅱ Comparison and Demo

April 15, 2021


Bass in the video:Glarry GP Bass, Glarry GP Ⅱ Bass

Since the release of the newly upgraded GP Ⅱ bass, many people have asked us to compare the first version with the new version. Well here it is. We are going to see if this newer model can hold its own against the lower-priced previous model.


Glarry GP Bass - Highest Cost Effective

The first generation of Glarry GP Electric Bass boasts a Basswood body, a Maple neck and a Rosewood fingerboard. It is also equipped with a Split Single-Coil pickup, universal bass strings and a ABS nut.

These can achieve the highest cost performance, while ensuring that the bass produces a warm and bright tone with good sustain.

View More Details:Glarry GP Bass

Glarry GP Ⅱ Bass - Superior Performance

The newly upgraded Glarry GP Ⅱ Electric Bass features a premium Basswood body alongside a Hard Maple neck and fingerboard. Other improvements include upgraded Split Single-Coil pickup, upgraded bass strings and a Bone nut.

These very cool upgrades can help provide a full and powerful tone with all the vintage warmth and crisp, clear sound that made GP Ⅱ a classic.

View More Details:Glarry GP Ⅱ Bass


The price difference is $70, can you hear the difference between these two GP Bass guitars? Watch the videos below to see what they think of them:

Which One Do You Prefer?

Maybe it is clear which bass is best for you. Or, you plan to bring two home to suit different situations. No matter which one you choose, you will get an excellent bass guitar that’s versatile too. Another important point: the price is very reasonable. Buy with confidence.

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